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HAPPY HUMP DAY! I hope you’re all doing well and slaying your daily goals. A few of you over on my Snapchat have requested this post as a result of me begging for some immediate skin remedies a few weeks ago and trying some new products. But ultimately what I decided to do was to go back to the products that were my holy grail in adolescence. And now, I’ve deciding to share them with you.

The reasons behind why I love and care for these products varies but mainly, they work and I can afford them. Not only can I afford them, I can afford to use and replace them- which is most important. It’s all well and good ‘treating ourselves’ to a skin care routine. The hard part arises when it works and we love it but can’t afford it again. These top products I’ve chosen (and definitely am using, by the way, not by sponsorship or collaboration but just because I like them) are available in ANY supermarket or pharmacy and can be bought for under 15 euro. Yes, you read that right.

I also want to state that what works for me might not work for you. And although I am certified in beauty and am well aware of the routine things should be done and how certain ingredient affect your skin blah, blah, blah… Sometimes I just enjoy convenience and immediate results. I work three jobs and am always on the go and these products fit that- FOR NOW. This skin routine isn’t perfect and I do not claim it to be. But for the moment, it’s keeping my skin absolutely lit. And that’s good enough for me. Now, as the weather changes and as my diet might (probably will, let’s be real), my skin will, too. And that’s alright. I’ll get back on track or find something else. But for now, this is what I have to share.

  • Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Facial Scrub

I used to use this scrub when I was a really young teenager and to be honest, up until recently had just completely forgotten about it. But as you Snapchat fam know, I’ve been bangin’ on about my pores for ages. I’ve been trying everything to shift really stubborn blackheads around my nose and cheek area and it has been driving me demented. And I did not consider this product out of passion or nostalgia. I was strollin’ through Tesco and there was a sale. Yep.

Its consistency is a bit like toothpaste. It exfoliates in quite a subtle way and doesn’t hurt or tear my skin- ever. But it is effective. A lot of people think, and I used to think, that in order to exfoliate your skin you have to really scrub it and leave it raw. This actually doesn’t help at all. You’re not supposed to move your skin while scrubbing it, you’re supposed to keep a flat surface. A more subtle scrub is the best option. And I find that this scrub does that for me. It also lifts blackheads- FOR REAL. And it leaves a great squeeky shine, too. I just keep this bottle in my shower and use it when I can. It is perfectly fine to use daily- it says so on the bottle. But I have other products that I’ll list below that tie me over. I use this scrub about three times a week and worth noting: I started to see results after just one use. I paid less that 5euro for this product and it does last a good while. Each use requires a pea-sized amount of product and the bottle is 150ml- PLENTY! Definitely recommend!

Alternatively, you could try the Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub at this link. I’ve also included a picture of the Clean & Clear 60 Second Shower Mask because I have heard brilliant things and do believe it is worth trying along side this product- you can find out more about this product here. And alternatively again, I have included a picture of the Garnier (Skin Active) Blackhead Eliminating Scrub– which I have not tried but if for any reason you cannot use Clean & Clear, this could be a go-to for you. Click here for more info on that product.

  • Johnson’s Makeup Be Gone Refreshing Wipes (for Combination Skin)

There are pros and cons to this product, I will be honest. The main con being that each packet of wipes alone cost almost five euro. Which, let’s face it, is expensive for face wipes when you can pick some up in Penneys for A LOT less. BUT, lemme argue a case here. The product is worth it. That’s my case. There is moisture LOCKED in to each individual wipe and they smell delicious. They leave my skin not only squeeky clean but super moist- without contributing to oily skin. I use the the wipes for combination skin mainly because my skin can be any way on any given day. But also, I feel like they have the best balance. For some reason, whenever I use products that are designed for sensitive skin, I have a bit of a reaction. So for me, combination skin is the best option. But of course, that varies from person to person.

Along with using these products, I have completely minimized my makeup wear. I really try not to wear makeup on my skin at all now. I allow myself about two days a week with foundation and the rest of the time, I’m fresh faced with a bit of brow product and mascara. So, I carry these wipes in my bag. I use them morning, mid-day and night. Basically, whenever I think of it. They have a decent amount of moisture in them and are SO satin so you can literally see the dirt lift- even if there is nothing on your face! I love that because it really makes me feel like the wipes are working deep into my skin rather than just at a surface level. And the best part- there is NO ALCOHOL in these wipes. Which is super, super important. To find out about the effects that alcohol based products have on your skin- click here. ANYWAY, although these wipes are a bit pricey, I do think that they are definitely worth it. If you’d like to find out more about this product, click here. I picked mine up in Dunnes Stores but you can definitely find them in any good supermarket or pharmacy.

  • Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Moisturizer

Holy grail! This is probably my favorite product out of this list. Basically because not only did it surprise me, it rescued me. For the last few months I was using a Benefit moisturizer that I did find really good I have to say, but it was more of a night cream as it was just too heavy and thick for my skin. It took ages to absorb and left my hands a bit sticky. But this product (for a fraction of the price) is everything I’ve ever wanted. Again, I used it as a teenager but had completely forgotten about it and came across it in a supermarket sale, decided to give it a second bash. At the time, I was with my cousin who swore that it was like satin on the skin and was really effective. I took a leap of faith and went out on a limb spending a whopping 3 EURO in the sale at the time and have not looked back since. It is really light on the skin and can be used both morning and night (which is so convenient), it really locks in moisture and leaves a gorgeous dewy glow WITHOUT looking oily or feeling greasy. It has a really subtle scent that is gorgeous but not too strong- which I think is really important in a moisturizer. There’s nothing worse than accidentally putting a strongly perfumed moisturizer on your lips, licking you lips and realizing that this might be how it ends. This product is the perfect balance and I cannot recommend it enough. I basically just massage this product into my face using my ring fingers in upward circular motions both in the morning before I leave the house (can be used before makeup application) and at night before I go to bed. This product can be bought in any good supermarket or pharmacy. Click here to find out more!

Although I do not use the cleanser, I have heard brilliant things so have included a picture as a recommendation for a sister product. If you’d like to find out more about the sister cleanser, click here.

And last but not least, my favorite lip product at the moment…

  • Maybelline Dr. Rescue Baby Lips in Menthol


If I’m being 100% completely honest, I actually bought this product a decent while back and did not realize or appreciate that I was sitting on absolute gold. I think I picked it up because I’d seen a pretty picture of it on Pinterest or something ridiculous and just forgotten all about it. I bought it in my local pharmacy for something like 2 or 3 euro. So, it was totally affordable. And, is TOTALLY WORTH IT.

I personally love the menthol flavor because it tingles my lips and kind of makes them feel that little bit more plump because of that. But the reason I love this product goes beyond tingly lips. It is full of moisture. It has changed the dry lip game. It literally makes my lips feel like silk. And I understand that this product isn’t exactly considered skin care, as such, but with the lack of makeup lately I’ve been wearing a balm rather than heavy product on my lips and I’ve been really trying to focus on rehabilitating my skin rather than drawing out of it all the time and expecting it to run on empty. It’s like a little promise I’ve made to myself. Mainly because I was sick of dreading up close no makeup photos or snapchatting on my makeup days off. I would definitely consider this lip balm a treatment. It does say on the label that it is a medical balm and focuses on bringing lips up to a healthy standard. It also just looks really cute! It leaves a really decent, non-greasy shine on the lip and does not look cakey or thick. I keep this product in my bag and just use it all day long. I even pop it on before bed and let it work some magic while I sleep. If you’d like to know more about this product click here. Alternatively, I would use Vaseline- which cannot be doubted or questioned in life, EVER.

What I really love about these products is that they are affordable and accessible and can be used by any skin type or age group. In my opinion, they’re almost universal and they really don’t put you out of pocket to try. I find that the hardest thing about finding the right products these days- a lot of them are just not affordable or realistically priced and are almost impossible to keep a constant supply of them. So, give it a bash. What have you got to lose?

Anyway guys & gals, as requested, that is my current, affordable skin routine. Please do drop a comment and let me know if you have used any of these products or anything similar. If you go ahead and try any of them- let me know how you get on! Even if you hate them and think I’m wrong- lemme know what your alternative products are. All I’ve done with this whole skin experience is go back to basics with skin care. Instead of trying really expensive and crazy products, like I have been doing since I left these ones behind, I just decided to try these again. For the price range that they are at, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose. A few weeks ago, my skin was rough and dehydrated. I had fine lines and really dark circles and freckles, I also had a yellow tone to my face. Today, my skin tone is more even, my dark circles have reduced and my fine lines are gone. I will admit that in addition to using these products, I have been drinking water with lemon slices in it (as an anti-oxidant) and exercising regularly. It’s really important to note that because more than anything, your skin reflects your health on the inside. Your skin is you largest organ is a complete mirror of your diet. So just to note that sometimes, rather than a new skin routine, a new diet or multivitamin is required.

If you have any questions about any of these products or anything else about my current skincare routine please do not hesitate to get in touch! And if you’d like to join in on daily vlogs, daily posts and so much more ultra-fun times, just click on the links below. Thank you for reading!

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“Compulsive skin picking, or dermotilimania, has been a huge part of my life…” | Mental Health Awareness Week w/Not Another Beauty Blog *FEATURE POST*

“Compulsive skin picking, or dermotilimania, has been a huge part of my life…” | Mental Health Awareness Week w/Not Another Beauty Blog *FEATURE POST*

Hi duckies! 

Today’s blog post is a feature post, as I shared on my Snapchat (Jademccannx). All feedback is welcomed and please join me in thanking Elaine for being so brave as to share her story with us this week.

Speaking out is strength. Identification is courage. Happy Mental Health Awareness Week!


My name is Elaine, I’m 21, and I suffer from eczema. I have eczema on my face, neck, arms and hands. I sometimes get patches on my legs and feet, but they’re nowhere near as out of control as the eczema on my upper body. The type of eczema that I have is dyshidrotic eczema. It’s like little bubbles under my skin that raise and get irritated. And it’s insanely itchy. It’s known as the itch that rashes, as the more you itch, the more it intensifies. Usually it’s caused by an allergic reaction, but sometimes it just, well, appears. I’ve had an allergy test with the hopes of finding something I should avoid, but I can’t seem to find anything. I’ve tried to cut out certain food groups, but to no avail. It feels like I’m fighting an uphill battle. For every patch that clears up, another two appear.  
 I had bouts of eczema throughout my childhood, but nothing severe. When I was nineteen, it appeared on my wrists. I thought it was no big deal until it spread… and spread. Already suffering from periods of depression and anxiety, eczema just felt like another item to add onto the already exhaustive list of issues and insecurities I struggled with. I’m the first one to crack an alligator joke about my skin, or say in a creepy tone ‘in my spare time I like to compulsively pick my skin’, but underneath my easygoing and clownish facade, it actually really bothers me. I still think it’s important to laugh at myself, but for so long I hid behind humour. If anyone asked how my skin was, I would crack a joke and pretend it wasn’t bothering me. Truth is, it was bothering me a whole lot more than I let anyone believe.


 Eczema drains you; emotionally and physically. It’s hard to believe that I can be in any way attractive when an angry wave of redness is engulfing my body. I had to learn how to adapt to my new condition. It’s so much more than just having to slather on cream. It’s not being able to do your dishes because it stings too much. It’s not being able to go outside unless you’re caked in makeup. It’s not being able to bend your fingers. Rubbing your hands on your jeans in class and hoping no one will notice because you feel ashamed at your compulsion to itch. Sneaking off to the bathroom while working to indulge your insatiable desire to scratch already broken skin and then panicking when you bleed. You’re afraid to stay over at other people’s houses incase your skin flakes and bleeds on their bed sheets. Waking up with blood caked under your fingernails. Not being able to sleep because you can’t stop scratching, and having to lie in such a position that you’re not putting pressure on any of the rash. Avoiding college because you don’t want anyone to see your skin. Not being able to turn your neck to check for traffic before crossing a road incase you open the freshly healed wounds. That feeling of insanity when you know you shouldn’t itch, but you just can’t stop. It’s not a pretty picture, but that’s just my everyday life.


 Compulsive skin picking, or dermatillomania, has been a big part of my life since my eczema decided to make an unwelcome comeback in adulthood. Dermatillomania is like trichotillomania, where you compulsively pick out your hair. Instead of pulling my hair, I pick my skin. It’s a form of O.C.D. (obsessive compulsive disorder). I noticed pretty early on that the worse my anxiety was, the worse my dermatillomania got. I didn’t even know that dermatillomania was a thing that other people suffered from until I was browsing youtube, looking at short films, when I came across this:

 I was honestly overwhelmed when I realised that I wasn’t actually crazy. A lot of people will think ‘your eczema wouldn’t be so bad if you would just leave it alone!’, but it’s really not that easy. It’s an addiction of sorts. The short film shows a girl trying to get ready for her day, and highlights the very real impact dermatillomania can have even when carrying out the everyday task of having a shower. The shame of trying to hide it from your family, the frantic search for bandages, and worst of all, when the blood seeps through your clothes. Dermatillomania is not a self-harming practice. It’s more so the irrational idea that you want to pick away all of the imperfections (by ultimately, creating more). I know it’s irrational and that I’m not helping myself, yet I can’t stop. Even when my eczema isn’t itchy, I still pick constantly. I’ve been trying to get my dermatillomania under control, but it is really difficult. I do it without even noticing sometimes. I’ve done little things, like timing myself going to the bathroom so as I’m not tempted to stare at myself in the bathroom mirror for 20 minutes, silently seething with hatred at the scars I’ve inflicted upon myself, and trying to resist the urge to pick more. I’m getting there, really, really slowly. Resisting the temptation to pick is a little victory for me. Looking at my scars and not feeling grossed out any more is a little victory for me. Beginning the journey to loving myself is a huge victory.


 I used to think of myself as some kind of flakey, red monster. Falling into that dark way of thinking is so easy. And it spirals. What I kept forgetting during my darkest times was that fact that eczema is so common that people will identify with you more than be repulsed by you. I always used to misunderstand when people would suggest a cream for me to try, thinking it was a low dig, when in reality that suggestion is coming from a kind place.

I was in a long term relationship when my eczema got really bad. He had loved me before I had it and he loved me after it rampantly spread over my body. When that relationship ended I found myself in a bad place, believing that I would have to learn to be alone – that no one would ever love me and that the skin that I detest so much would mean that no one would ever want me. Seriously, how the hell can anyone find me sexy? And if they do, surely there must be something wrong with them? As I said before, a lot of people are extremely understanding and I am now in a happy relationship. Eczema changes the dynamic of our relationship quite a bit, considering I don’t sleep a lot or sometimes can’t do things with him due to the pain or feeling self conscious, but all that won’t matter to the right person. Sometimes I can’t even hug him because the salt in his sweat burns me (I’m like a really big slug). He doesn’t suffer from it himself, but he tries to understand what I’m going through. And my friends and family help too. They see me, not my eczema.

The overwhelming amount of support I’ve received throughout my journey with eczema has been unbelievable. Friends reassuring me that I’m not as monstrous as I feel, housemates putting the pieces back together with me by helping me go back to college and listening to my late-night ramblings about my frustrations, family who are like on-call counselors ready to perk me up a little bit, and kind strangers on the internet who reach out to you ( is full of these fantastic people).


 The only person holding me back is me. Eczema is something I just kind of have to get on with, and I’m not going to let it hold me back or limit my ambitions. It controlled my life for long enough. I’m taking a stand now. I’m making the best of a bad situation and working on helping others with similar issues. Turning what I once saw as a negative into a positive, I joined the Eczema Council of Ireland, and preparations are underway for Eczema awareness week and we have so many exciting plans; such as events with guest speakers and educational resources for school. With a lot of self love (even though it’s really hard sometimes) and support from the most fantastic bunch of people ever, I feel like I’m finally beginning to accept that it’s just something that I have. I’ll wear that cute top that I avoided because it showcases my red elbows. I’ll leave the house makeup free. I’ll do what I want, because although I suffer from eczema – it does not define me. Everyone has their shit, eczema is just a little more visible (and flakey – oh the glamour!)


For those eczema suffers/dermatillomaniacs/anyone who feels kind of rough: you’re fucking amazing you beautiful human and don’t allow your skin, or any of your issues to lead you to believe you’re anything less than magnificent. You are not a slave to your skin. You’re stronger for your illness as you have had to adapt to stuff that isn’t pleasant. We’ve got this. We are strong. And we will not let this define us.


For anyone that wants to reach out, I’d love to hear from you. If you want a chat, or a little bit of cheering up, I promise I’ll tell you the cringiest dad jokes I know to try and help. You can find me at the following places;


Thanks for reading ^_^
Elaine xxx