I think I had only ever had about three spots in my life. I had never encountered a breakout. I had never had oily skin. I didn’t even know what skin type I was! It didn’t concern me. I never had a particular skin routine or ritual because, to be honest, I didn’t need one. I literally just washed my face, moisturizer when I felt I needed to, kept a clean canvas before and after makeup applications. But that went all downhill a few months ago.

I decided to change my diet. Sure, why not? I wanted to feel a bit less bloated, save some animals & try a new lifestyle. So, I tried on the vegan hat. But literally within a month, my forehead, jaw line, cheekbones, eyebrows, temples and CHEST were just completely covered in greasy face produce and probably the ugliest spots and blackheads I have ever seen. I have no photographs because I literally couldn’t help but cry about it the majority of the time. For so long, I felt like it was out of my control. That my body was adapting to a new diet, that maybe I was stressed, that I was doomed and was getting some kind of karma for all those years of skin privilege.  I also didn’t even want to hear people talk about it or get recommendations because I was almost blocking it out. I actually couldn’t, and still can’t, believe how much it shook and affected my confidence and personality. I felt I couldn’t wear makeup because it would worsen. I felt I couldn’t go without because I was hideous. I was constantly battling with myself. At one point, I thought if I went to a cafe for lunch, I would put people off their food or tea. But enough became enough. I left my little pity party (population: 1) and decided to have a look about some shops to see what might help. And yes! I found some amazing, AFFORDABLE products that are EASILY ACCESSIBLE and ACTUALLY WORK. But some of the best remedies are free, and I came across them completely by accident. But, I wanted to share them all with you. I’ve had a lot of questions sent in on my Snapchat & I’ve been emailing a few of you about the new beauty regime and products I use…so why not just have it public for a constant point of reference?

I really hope this helps at least one person because I can absolutely assure you, these products and regimes are completely my own choice and my own combination. I am not sponsored by any of these companies or lying about my results. So, invest and feel your best. Because these tricks worked for me!

So, as I said above, I literally did not know what to do on a daily basis. But the first helpful product that I came across was suggested to me by my local beautitian just as a toner. However, me being a complete nerd and having researched it, it turned out to be a magic substance for all skin types. So, I visited my local health food store and got some. And if you follow me on snapchat, you are gonna know that I am talking about rose-water.

I cannot stress enough how amazing this stuff is. When I first started buying it, I was picking it up from health food stores and it was costing a fair bit. But I did my research, and turns out you can pick it up online from Salon Services (you get a whole load for a tenner!). I STILL USE THIS RELIGIOUSLY. Every morning (EVEN IF I’M IN A HURRY), I quickly get some cotton wool and rose-water and just rinse my face. I do it on my break in work to get rid of excess oils and cleanse all redness and it works. I do it every night before bed. I do it sometimes in the car, without a doubt before and after every make up application & wear. It just breaks through all grease, and even when I’ve got the biggest, most ugly spot, it takes away the redness and swelling and almost makes me look presentable. Also, while I was doing my homework for this post, I discovered that rose water can be used as A SETTING SPRAY FOR MAKEUP. I will most definitely try this & report back. In rose water I trust. And the best part about this product? You can make it at home. CLICK HERE for an easy guide on how to boost your beauty and save your skin.

So, after I realised that rose-water helped me cope on a day-to-day basis, I also realised that I really needed something affordable that would take all of the gunk out of my face. I asked some of you over on my snapchat what kind of masks you used and got some amazing suggestions! But a lot of them were expensive and not within my shopping perimeter. So, I went to Boots and spent about two hours reading labels, googling reviews, reading blog posts, walking isles, asking staff members and almost dying inside. I finally picked one.

When I picked this up, it was mainly because the label was fairly specific and suited my skin type. It was so affordable that I really didn’t have an excuse not to try it. And nearly every review that I saw online was spectacular. And from the very first application, I was so content with my choice. It’s a standard clay mask, so there is no confusion. A simple apply, dry and wash. But the aftermath of this product is unreal. Similar to the rose-water, it calms all breakouts and redness. And I’ve found that if I use a cleansing brush to scrub it off, it takes away a lot of my blocked pores. It also really helps with oil control for days following the application. SUCH A GEM. The label told me everything, including how many applications I’d have. For 6.99 (euro), I’d have ten applications. If I were to apply twice a week (which I do), I would have a five-week supply of face mask. And the best part is, I’ve managed to get myself to seven weeks by not using as much on some applications. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE OR ORDER THIS PRODUCT ONLINE. 

So, although both of these products were working absolute wonders and I was feeling much better in myself, I was fairly sick of having to wash with rose-water and spare a half an hour most evenings for a mask. I realised that if I had a good moisturizer that would mattify my skin, it would save a lot of hassle. Also, most of my breakouts were due to the oil, so if I could control the oil, maybe the breakouts would stop. The product that I chose does not only contain no animal bi-product or have no animal testing affiliation, it actually works. And it’s all natural. I even use it on clients!


I  carry this product in my handbag. I’ve also purchased one for my makeup kit. I’ve got one in my car. It is so refreshing, it smells absolutely UNREAL. It really is a total miracle worker. I thought that I would forever be controlling my oil, and never actually be rid of it. Products like this genuinely give me hope. Also a drugstore product, a little bit pricier than the two before costing me 13.99 (euro). But, in my opinion, totally worth it. You only need a pea size for each application as it spreads so well.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE WEBSITE, FIND OUT MORE OR EVEN PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT.

Lastly, I just wanted to share with you some of the makeup products that have helped my full face applications stay, not slip, not sweat, not dewy and just fab. It’s difficult to find products suited to everybody’s oily skin because well, every person will have a different balance or a different texture. But given my research there are a few products that cannot be faulted and I thought pinpointing them might help someone on a similar journey. Also, a lot of the online info that I find on topics like these are super out of my reach. I totally cannot afford Laura Mercier powder or ABH setting spray. It’s just not a reality for me, and I bet a lot of people feel the same way. So drugstore style, I conquered my oily skin makeup nightmares.


Firstly, let me say that the L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying Base Primer has literally saved me from actual meltdowns. There is nothing worse than having a night out planned and literally considering not going because of how you feel about yourself. This primer just fills in EVERYTHING. It also blends all of my humps and bumps in with the rest of my face. I picked this up in Boots for 11.99 (euro), which is more expensive than most drugstore primers. But, given the results, I regret nothing. Also, just as I got the link for this product, I realised these is a current sale on it- it’s now £7.99 on the Boots website! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT.

I’ve also included a picture of the twin foundation, incase you thought of teaming them up or what might go with it best. For me, I use the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, which is a tad pricy. But I also love the Catrice range in Even Sand, and even Rimmel have a fabulous Stay Matte option which I LOVE. As I said, everybody has different oil ratios and different experiences with makeup. But these mattifying products have worked for me in the past and continue to do so. CLICK HERE to find out more about the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. CLICK HERE to read up on some Catrice foundations that helped me keep everything under wraps (this link will help you find a fitted foundation based on your exact skin tone & type). & CLICK HERE to find out more about the wonderful, and affordable, Rimmel options available in most pharmacies and online (Rimmel also have an amazing Stay Matte powder to match the foundation!).  As far as I know, NYX also do an amazing Shine Killer range that is totally worth looking into.

Lastly, I understand that the Ben Nye products have mixed reviews. I know that a lot of really highly regarded beauty bloggers and makeup artists have claimed them not to work, or to take terrible pictures, or to leave blotches. But for me, in all my oily skinned glory, both the Translucent and Banana Ben Nye Powders continue to save my face daily. I purchased them both from Camera Ready Cosmetics online and they were totally affordable, which I wasn’t expecting due to how popular they are! I think they cost me about 10.oo (euro) per medium pot. But hey, I use them daily. I even use them on my clients for baking and contouring- and there are plenty of amazing tutorials online if you struggle with anything like that. But picking myself up a decent powder really improved my finished looks and confidence through all of this. CLICK HERE to see the purchase link for the Ben Nye Powders.

And VERY lastly, on some of the hottest days over summer I forced myself to conquer my fear and jump in the sea, only to find out that salt & mineral water is a perfect, amazing, easily accessible, flawless and dependable, oil-busting, skin-clearing MIRACLE WORKER that I have ever come across. So now, I find myself in the sea a lot. Try it, it’s free, organic… VERY COLD but it sure as hell works!


So, there you have it. My research and experience so far in the life of oily skin. It is a total journey. And one of the main reasons that I wanted to share all of this is because, when I realised my skin had problems, I genuinely didn’t know what was wrong with me. I even did a skin patch test in Boots to figure out my skin type. I really struggled with finding information and getting help. But there are affordable options and free public platforms that offer information, you just have to reach out and ask for help, or pick yourself up to go and find them. And with regards to the mental aspect of it, I’m really just trying to learn to love myself regardless of how I look. That’s where the answer is, it’s where the hardship is, but it’s where the growth is. At the end of the day, we’re all human. We get gross sometimes. Society might tell us that spots are ugly, skinny is better, collar bones are a must, eyebrows are more important than our actual intellect and all other sorts of nonsense. But, sometimes it’s just about accepting that we’re never going to be perfect. Nobody is. And we can’t always correct or abolish our flaws, but we can cope with or work on them.

And as always, feel free to get in touch on any of my social media platforms. Thank you for your constant love, acceptance and support.

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What Is Mental Health? | Mental Health Awareness Week w/Not Another Beauty Blog

What Is Mental Health? | Mental Health Awareness Week w/Not Another Beauty Blog


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Hello darlings!

I’m just gonna get straight into the writing without an update for two main reasons: 1) Absolutely nothing important has happened in my life & 2) We have A LOT of work to get through!

So as we all know, I work around mental health all year long. However, due to the fact that it is MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK 2016, I have a special week planned for all of you wonderful readers that keep me afloat during my tough times. You are all fabulous and I appreciate every single reply, response and kind message or thought you send in. It really does mean so much to me and to show you just how much, there will be a HUGE competition on my Facebook page at the end of the week- the cherry on top of a week full of wonderful reading!

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 10 Things I’ve Learned In The Last Week | Not Another Beauty Blog

 10 Things I’ve Learned In The Last Week | Not Another Beauty Blog

Wow, have I got news for you!?

A lot of stuff has gone down over the last few months- I mean serious shit. I didn’t write much about how things were because, well, things weren’t. I basically had this big depression (my mother preferred to call it ‘some sort of breakdown’) that lasted about a week in total. I mean serious carry-on.. like not being able to eat but still getting sick, not being able to leave bed because I was too weak, not being able to stop crying. It was mad because I’ve always suffered with anxiety and depression (on and off) but I never thought I’d reach a really low-point like that. But, anyway, I’m alive and well and I have made it through- well, sort of.

The point of mentioning that wasn’t for sympathy comments or any kind of false empathetic care that you all thing I might need. I wanted to mention it because it really made me look around at my life, my job, my friends, my family, my boyfriend, my education. I really had to dig deep and realize what was important, ya know!? Like, what was worth the pain and what just wasn’t anymore. I, personally, believe that the breakdown was just a build up of adult responsibilities that I just didn’t want to face. So, I made a start. And over the last few weeks, I’ve put myself in situations I don’t want to be in. I’ve had to do things that I don’t want to do. I’ve began training my mind so that I’m not thinking horrible thoughts that I don’t want to think. And I’ve started taking responsibility for actions and roles that are mine. Notice the ‘I’ve started’, these things take years to perfect. Making a start is just the first step. I just wanted to share with you all some things I’ve really had to thoroughly learn the hard way over the last week-or-so. Enjoy!

1. Accept It

Everybody says that acceptance is the first step to moving forward, and it really is a nice thought that you can accept something and move on. But actually doing it is a completely other kettle of fish! It’s so fucking hard!! Accepting facts and things that have happened that you just don’t want to know about or even believe happened? It’s almost like if you don’t accept them, it’ll be as if they didn’t happen. But it builds up and it builds up, until eventually it’s all that you can think of. The subconscious mind is a very powerful and underestimated part of your brain. So, save yourself the pain, as I am trying to in this moment,  and just accept it. Dear God, please, for the love of Jesus, just accept it. So what if he kissed another girl!? So what if your boss doesn’t like you!? So what if she’s prettier and has more friends!? No matter how long you grovel over things that just are, they will still just be. The only person that is hurting is you. It’s a long process, and it doesn’t just happen in one day, but start accepting things now. And if it gets to the stage that you are unwell, and you can not cope, accept that, too. Accept that you are not well and it is not your fault. Go to the doctor. Get the help you deserve. Start letting things in and letting things go- it’s kind of like breathing!

2. Clear Your Desktop

I was trying to explain to my uncle how it felt to be anxious and he used an amazing metaphor to help me clear my mind. He said ‘When you have a laptop and it starts to get slow and it doesn’t work as well as it did, you clear it. You clear your desktop, you clear your recycling bin, you clear your drive. Then, when you re install things, you make sure you have a system that defends against the things that ruined it to begin with- viruses etc.’ It made sense to me. So after my days upon days on vomit and self-pity, I started to delete folders in my mind that were just too heavy to carry. Things I hadn’t forgiven myself for, things I hadn’t done that I wish I had, things I had and hadn’t said- man, I have so much shit I just blame myself on every single day. But I’ve started to clear my desktop. That’s my second lesson learned.

3. Go Somewhere Else

Everybody has things that they have to do. Whether it’s work, college, school- we all have responsibilities. But we are not limited. If we are unhappy in our place of responsibility, we can move somewhere else. I’m not going to say that I was unhappy in my job, because that’s not true. What I will say is there were things that I was not happy about: people that were not willing to share kindness, situations that were not going to change, it seemed that there were more chiefs than Indians at times, and those things are fine if you can deal with them. But, I’m just far too fragile and sensitive. I’m too anxious and teary, I over-think absolutely everything and this environment was just hurting me. So, I got a new job. I’ve decided to move from bar work and endure in café work. It does hurt to move on because there is always good and bad in everything. Sometimes we meet people along the way that will stay in our hearts and heads forever. But when the bad begins to out-weigh the good, it’s time to go somewhere else. I handed my notice in last night and I begin my new job tomorrow.

4. Spend Time With Your Family

I’m really not afraid to tell you all that the person I spend the most time with, more than anybody, is my Nan. Lunch dates at least twice a week, sleepovers, tea parties, shopping sprees, movie nights… the works! If it wasn’t for my Dad forcing me to leave the house, and my relatives giving me baby-sitting shifts, reasons to come over, invitations for dinner… I probably would have never left my bed. The thing is, though, that I’ve learned, is that we take for granted the people we have around us when we’re too busy looking at the things that other people have that we don’t have. But, a lot of the time, the idea of someone else isn’t even the truth. So just focus on your damn self. Focus on your own damn life, your own damn family, your own damn car, your own damn job and just move forward with that. Better that, make that work. Make up with family members that you have differences with, not because they were right but because they’re family. Family is important. No matter how embarrassing they can be, just include them. Because when you’re on your arse, like really on your arse, they’ll be all you have.

5. Forgive

People do things that I don’t like everyday. People say things I don’t agree with everyday. And most of the time, they don’t say sorry. Forgive them anyway. Pretend that they’ve apologized. Make up some kind of conversation in your mind, and forgive them. Accept the apology you never received. It’s a lot easier that way.

6. Set An Alarm, Get Up, Get Dressed, Go Out- ANYWHERE!

When I deferred college, I took to the habit of staying up late and sleeping all day. That slowly caught up with me. When I was stuck in bed, I realized how much I took for granted when I could have been out somewhere doing something cool! Sometimes, I wake up with the fear over me. With anxiety, sometimes I just wake up and I’m almost paralyzed. I don’t want to eat, move, speak- I’m just so scared. And it would be so much easier to wallow and lie there in self-pity and self-loathe. But I know for a fact that if I just push myself to get up, take my vitamins and medication, get washed & dressed and make plans that I will feel one million times better. It’s when you don’t want to go anywhere, that you have to force yourself. Get up early and live your life. Even if your mind is somewhere else, just go. Fake it until you make it, as they say!

7. Communicate

When I got really ill, my boyfriend Tom couldn’t understand why I was pushing him away. I didn’t really understand it either, to be honest, but it was really hurting us both that I wasn’t able to communicate. It was a huge lesson learned when I realized that simple informing someone ‘I’m not feeling well, can we speak later?’ could make such a difference. Let people around you know you’re having a little freaker, let people know you need space. If someone’s blowing up your phone, let them know you’re a bit off at the moment, you’re going for a bath and that you’ll call later to talk about it. Communication is key.

8. Sleep Patterns Must Be Fixed

I’m an absolute divil for staying up all night and sleeping until 4pm. But after everything went down, I had to really focus on getting my life in order. I started to get earlier nights, have nights in instead of going out, drinking more water.. they’re simple acts that people would probably consider silly and think they wouldn’t have an effect. But, they do. Simple steps save you. One step at a time.

9. You Don’t Have To

I’m a mad thing for thinking that I have to do things for other people. It’s like I don’t believe in the word ‘no’. Like, if someone invited me somewhere but I know that I won’t be comfortable, I’ll think I have to go because otherwise it’ll be worse. It’s so hard to explain but one thing I have learned is that: yes, we are adults and there are definitely things that have to be done that maybe we don’t wanna do. These things include grocery shopping and cleaning the house, not being put in situations that you are not comfortable in. Fuck anybody it hurts, you come first, say no if you think it’s a bad idea. You do not have to go anywhere you don’t want to. No, thank you, maybe next time, thanks for the offer but I think I’ll pass. End of.

10. Until You Start Believing In Yourself, You Ain’t Gonna Have A Life

The last Rocky film is probably the best for life quotations. My dad printed off Rocky’s quote to his son and put it in my room when I was really down. It meant a lot to me and also made a lot of sense. ‘Don’t say you ain’t where you wanna be because of him or her or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you!’ – blaming people for my misfortunes has always been a pleasant past time of mine. You really do have to go and get something if you want it. For people like me, that think and feel a lot, life is a fucking bitch. It’s harsh, it’s mean and it hurts. It takes work to be happy and that sucks because all I want is to just wake up and breathe and be like ‘Today is a new day. I’m going to live and not be afraid or live in the past or obsess over other people.’ But, unfortunately, to get there it takes years of practice. Focus on yourself, believe in yourself. Start practicing now. Because if you don’t, your life will be someone else’s. Whoever it is you’re thinking of, whatever it is that’s consuming you, your life will belong to them.

We are humans and being human is a complete learning curve within itself. Everyday something new is brought to our attention, everyday we learn, see, or do something different. It’s hard and some days are tougher than others. But it’s all about experience and practice. I wanted to share my lessons with you guys because I really just don’t want anybody to have to learn them the hard way. It’s nice to give advice, especially when you’ve learned first hand how difficult things can be. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

Also, I’ve changed the name of this blog to ‘Not Another Beauty Blog’. I’m still going through some changes on Facebook and stuff but my new URL is:

Until next time,

J x