What Is Mental Health? | Mental Health Awareness Week w/Not Another Beauty Blog

What Is Mental Health? | Mental Health Awareness Week w/Not Another Beauty Blog


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Hello darlings!

I’m just gonna get straight into the writing without an update for two main reasons: 1) Absolutely nothing important has happened in my life & 2) We have A LOT of work to get through!

So as we all know, I work around mental health all year long. However, due to the fact that it is MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK 2016, I have a special week planned for all of you wonderful readers that keep me afloat during my tough times. You are all fabulous and I appreciate every single reply, response and kind message or thought you send in. It really does mean so much to me and to show you just how much, there will be a HUGE competition on my Facebook page at the end of the week- the cherry on top of a week full of wonderful reading!

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My Experience With Deferring College | Not Another Beauty Blog

My Experience With Deferring College | Not Another Beauty Blog

I recently received a message on my Facebook Page from a girl (about a year younger than me) asking about my choice to defer college for a year. This girl was in a different situation than I was but she was just wondering how it benefited me and if I would recommend it. I gave her the best advice I could, based on her situation, however, it got me thinking: there must be so many people going through something, struggling or just having doubts- leading them to think about deferring. For me, I was really lucky because in the college I attend (IADT, Dun Laoghaire), they are super supportive and have an excellent Student Union that were there for me every step of the way. And, as well as that, actually getting the deferral granted sometimes isn’t the problem, it’s figuring out what you’re going to do with a year, further more, if you’ll regret taking the time off in fear of having wasted it. Let me start by noting to you all that this is simply my college deferral experience. I am no expert but I have been there so by sharing my experience, I hope you gain some knowledge that furthers your decision.

I want to start off by telling you why exactly I deferred. I deferred college because I was diagnosed with mental issues that affected my ability to perform academically. I had depression and anxiety and was also suffering terribly with panic attacks and nausea. For the whole of first year, I was fine! I got mostly B’s and C’s and furthered to second year. For the first three months of second year, I guess I was okay. But when my Christmas exams and end of term work started piling up, I just couldn’t handle it. Every time I set foot on campus, I’d just cry. I tried to force myself to work, one day, in the library while I was crying and having a panic attack. I sat there for nearly two hours barely breathing properly forcing myself to read Psycho by Robert Bloch. I had to call my Dad to talk me down so I could drive home safely. 

I can talk about it now and it doesn’t seem real. It seems like I’m talking about a different person. I was so ill and I actually didn’t realise, at all, just how sick I was (to become). Anyway, my parents sat me down and told me that I couldn’t go on like that. Considering we pay my fees with all of our wages (pitched in), we couldn’t afford to waste a year tuition to have me repeat or even drop out. So we made the decision to apply for a deferral. The Student Union of IADT all helped me write my letter to the head of the college and on my grounds of being unwell (along with a doctor’s letter), I was granted a deferral. 

I was so embarrassed and devastated. I’m an ‘all-go’ kind of girl and I had this plan that I would graduate when I was twenty-one and do such and such. I had it so planned out in my head what was going to happen, that I wasn’t even really sure what was going on. Anyway, I looked into part-time college courses and tried to go to work part time but eventually I got worse and had to go on sick leave for a while. Then when I went back to work, I got bad again so I had to stop working. I spent days in bed, not eating, just throwing up.I didn’t know why but I couldn’t stop crying- I mean, whaling. At one stage my mom was convinced she’d have to hospitalize me fully in order to see any recovery! It was horrible, so surreal. I started to make myself do small things like get up and make a cup of tea. Go to the garden and water something. Drive to the shop and get something. Go see my nan. And eventually, I wasn’t afraid of the world anymore (not as much as I was!). Then I got a full-time job in a really nice café (where I still work now and love!) and eventually with the help of both counselling and medication, I have gotten better. When I say that, I don’t mean that I am the best I can be. I mean that I am better than I was yesterday or six months ago. 

If I hadn’t of applied for the deferral, I would never have addressed any of my problems and they would still be compressed and festering today. I would never have learned certain lessons that I am so glad stand by me now. I have learned how to be an adult. I get up, I go to work, I deal with people, I go out with friends, I see my family, I’m still with my amazing boyfriend that (I DON’T KNOW HOW) stayed by my side through all of that. I needed that time, as much as I didn’t want to admit it. As much as I wanted to graduate at twenty-one (instead of a year later), I know that this year has made me who I am going to be for the rest of my life. By taking a time out, I’ve learned patience and responsibility. I’ve also learned the most important thing- which is how to love and respect myself- which I could never understand or do. 

So, all in all, on my half of it, yes, I recommend the deferral. I think it was the best thing I could have done, even though I didn’t want to believe it at the time. I gave myself a break. I let myself have time to breathe, reflect, learn and just live. I’d never just lived before, I was always waiting for someone or something. I was always worried about something- don’t get me wrong, I still worry most of the time- but I just let myself have a break. And just because it was the best for me, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you. Just because that was my reason, doesn’t mean you need the same one. There are ways and means around everything! So don’t get your panties in a bunch, look at other options, ask around, do your research and hopefully you will know in your heart what the best thing for you to do is. Trust your gut. 

Regarding an update, I have applied for the same course to pick up where I left off in September. I have purchased all of my notebooks and pens and I’m excited to go back, I feel ready to learn more. I still have bad days where I cry, get sick, stay in bed, but I know that it will pass so I try to stay patient and let myself have that moment of downtime. I still take my medication daily, however, I haven’t needed counselling since May. Which is a miracle considering at one stage it was all I lived for.

So, there you have it, me in all my vulnerability! I hope I’ve helped some of you learn more about my decision to defer. My main point in this blog is that I am so happy with my decision and if you are having any doubts at all, find out more first because every college is different. However, don’t think that it’ll be the end of the world if you give yourself a break. There’s always next year and everything doesn’t have to happen right now. The college isn’t going anywhere, the course isn’t going anywhere. Hopefully, you’re not going anywhere. So let yourself have some time to grow. Come back to it when you’re feeling fresher. I don’t see anything wrong with that. 

Review: Headerz Hair Salon, Bray, Co. Wicklow | Not Another Beauty Blog

Review: Headerz Hair Salon, Bray, Co. Wicklow | Not Another Beauty Blog

I was feeling quite sick of myself and fed up with college and work and I really felt that I needed a change. So, I decided to splash the cash on a new hair do! I was given an amazing transformation from a washed-out dull black to an amazing, conditioned copper orange at Headerz, Bray. Delighted with my results isn’t the word! I was smiling from ear to ear leaving the salon! I am a regular customer at the salon, however, this visit meant a little bit more to me than the rest as I really needed a friendly service with a nice cup of a coffee and a pinch of confidence to go with! I was so ready for my Friday night by the time I had to leave. 

Headerz is situated at 32, Novara Avenue, Bray, Co. Wicklow. If your hoping for a lovely chat, cup of tea and amazing quality service and prices, I strongly advise you head down to the ladies at Headerz. It’s just off the main street of Bray so it’s easy to get to. There’s a huge pay & display car park just a block down and there’s also a bus stop literally just across the street. You have no excuse not to go! 

May is a very kind, funny and beautiful lady that works at Headerz, Bray and is also a very close family friend of mine. I’ve been getting my hair cut by May since I was old enough to have my hair cut. May has taken me from peroxide blonde, to Rihanna red, to jet black and back to blonde all over again! I have gotten every single style under the sun done by her and I have never once been disappointed by her work. She truly is a tremendous woman and has every shred of passion for what she does. I have asked May to do some stupidly crazy and out-of-the-box things with my hair over the years and she has always been accommodating and helpful, giving me the best style and color along with some helpful advice and guidance on the upkeep. May works alongside Leon (the beautiful and talented salon owner) everyday, giving customers great confidence, advice and service. I have always gone to May and followed her from salon to salon but she has been at Headerz, Bray for as long as I can remember now. The ladies ensure that they deliver exactly what you want. If not, it gets done until it’s right. Perfection and quality are key elements at Headerz. I even got my hair for my debs done by May! And boys, if your feeling like this a very girly blog- don’t sweat it. The girls do gent’s hair as well! A few friends of mine from school still go to Leon for great trims & styles! The prices are great too!

What I love most about Headerz is that it’s cozy. It almost feels like home. I find at other salons, bigger salons, that I feel very much like another number, another chair. In Headerz, every customer is treated like a friend- not “just another customer” and that will make your experience all the more special. It’s nice when you pay for a service and get exactly what you expect and deserve. There is always a scalding cup of tea or coffee on offer and the ladies really do know how to keep an interesting conversation going! But don’t worry, if you like to be left alone in peace while your new hair color works it’s magic, the ladies will always respect your space. I believe this salon was created to accommodate every customer. 

Leon has the salon decorated gorgeously. She recently uploaded a picture on to the Facebook page (link below) of the new salon decor for everybody to see! The salon is always clean and comfortable. Leon is a very hard working business woman and this is made crystal clear by both the upkeep of the customers, staff and salon. Between May and Leon doing the phenomenal hair-dressing and customer care that they do, the salon has become a place of inspiration for me. I have never opened the salon door to a bad day. There’s always an amazing atmosphere. Customers of all ages never fail to make each other welcome with compliments and great humor. Regular customers of all ages and all styles return to Headerz for the service that they have been availing of for years! I have never spoken to a customer that has been unhappy or disappointed with any aspect of the service or results at Headerz, Bray

I am always welcomed with a smile. As soon as anybody enters, they are spoken to. There is never any standing around hoping for someone to notice you. The salon does walk-ins- which is handy if your in a rush or need to be somewhere last minute but I would advise you to book in advance to ensure a place for your glamorous transformation! Leon upholds the best prices in Bray with tremendous rates for children, OAPs and students! I have honestly never felt like I’ve paid too much and not received enough at Headerz. If anything I feel like I should be paying more- so I try to leave a little tip each time! 

Headerz is a unisex salon so it accommodates everyone. If your looking for your baby to get their first hair cut or you want to treat your Nan to something special, you can always pop and find the girls waiting at your service. It’s almost traditional for my mum and I to pop into Headerz every Christmas Eve for a refreshing wash and blow dry. A hot cup of coffee in the cold weather and a nice little fresh hair style for the holidays is a must-do on my Christmas check list! The fact that I know the staff there will give me the attention a customer deserves along with a good giggle makes me all the more delighted that I’m already booked in! I’m excited for this year’s visit already! 

I really can’t boost this place up enough. I highly recommend you to go and have a little look, maybe even book in! If your looking to speak to any of the ladies at Headerz, the number can be found on the Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/headerz.bray?fref=ts

And if you’d like to have a look at all the crazy things I’ve asked May to do with my hair over the years you can find some hardcore photographic evidence on my Instagram page: http://www.instagram.com/jaydamccann

Dont forget to tell the ladies that I sent you!

Jadey x