We Love Laser: Consultation/First Session Review & Progress Report

We Love Laser: Consultation/First Session Review & Progress Report

Hello darlings!

This blog post is a little overdue but I didn’t want to review straight away until I had time to review the results, too. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered in this post so I will get straight into it.

I suppose the first thing I better address is why I chose laser hair removal and what it was that helped me make the decision to go with We Love Laser for my treatment. Basically, I am very dark haired. My hair growth is very strong- in every sense- and I just find it so hard to manage.  Literally within a few hours of shaving, I have stubble. And I’m talking everywhere. I can’t plan outfits, I don’t feel comfortable in dresses, swimsuits or vest tops. I’ve tried everything except LHR- waxing, shaving, plucking, creaming, epilating… And to be fair, I was just getting really sick of it. The images I will use in this post are not my own but are good examples. Here are some examples I’ve found online of how my hair growth has been since I hit puberty. Gross, right?

A few of my friends had gone with laser hair removal and recommended it. But I never hopped on board because I had a few misconceptions. I thought that it would be really expensive. I thought that it would hurt. I thought that my hair growth was that bad that I would be in the few percent of people it doesn’t work on. Anyway, one day as I was pulling some leggins down passed my ankles to cover my thick, black stubble, I just decided that I’d try it. I couldn’t bare the thought of another dry shaving session as I ran out the door. And I started earning a bit of extra money so I could afford it (or what I thought it would cost). I figured that I could just enquire regardless and see even how it worked or what the technician would recommend. I literally had nothing to lose.

So once I’d decided that I’d give it bash, I just had to decide where to go- which I thought would be the hard part because I’d absolutely no clue how it worked or what defined ‘good’ treatment. And at that point, I decided not to overthink it. I popped up a post on my Facebook asking some of you guys if you recommended anywhere effective and affordable and I went with the most popular- which was We Love Laser in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Which is flippant and definitely not very considerate but I do not regret my decision. I googled the number and called in with a very confusing call for the person on the recieving end. I basically just said: “I really think this is for me but I had no idea what I’m doing”. This is where my journey began.

A lovey lady named Grainne answered the phone and has been handling my case ever since- which I think is great because I personally would find it embarrassing if there were loads of different people at my private area or staring at my hair legs. And I would recommend being honest from the very start. I told a little white lie and it definitely bit me back. Once Grainne knew I had no knowledge of the treatment, she invited me in for a FREE consultation and squeezed me in for that very day. So, I got dressed and made my way to Dun Laoghaire. When I got to Dun Laoghaire, I got a coffee and did a sunbed. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

This is the part where I tell you that every customer gets a free consultaion. Absolutely none of this treatment has been discounted or free for me under promotional work. I am a paying customer and these will be honest reviews. 

My appointment was for 3pm and for once I was on time. Grainne met me with a lovely, big, warm smile and a welcoming, bubbly personality.  I felt embarrassed showing up with not a clue about me but she made it so easy. She explained EVERYTHING. From the hair growth, to how the procedure works, to how often I’d need it, how each stage would work and what I’d need to do to correlate all of this. And I was actually surprised at how much I wasn’t allowed do. First up, sunbeds. And yes, I lied about my last one. The reason there is such a long list of things you’re not supposed to do is obviously for your own safety. But I panicked because Grainne said she was gonna do a test patch and I was so excited and didn’t wanna have to wait. So I said my last sunbed was two weeks ago. But we soon found out the truth when she put the laser to my skin and it burned like hell. I wanted to get my full leg, biniki line and underarms done so Grainne test patched a small portion of each area. It was only painful where the sunbed had worked so I knew that this scale of pain wasn’t a normal thing.

In basic terms, the jist of what was explained:



Grainne explained that our skin is a really important organ and too much exposure to UV lighting can be damaging and result not only in pain but in really bad pigmenation. So I had to promise that I wouldn’t put any tan on until my appointment (or other alcohol based products), that I wouldn’t use sun beds or be out in the sun and that I would notify her of ANY supplements or medications that I took. I learned my lesson. She gave me informational leaflets and her phone number incase I had any questions. I was really happy with how my consultation went so I booked my first session. One of the main reasons I rebooked was not only because the treatment sounded like it would really work for me, but because I felt comfortable. We had a laugh, I realised I had no reason to lie, we got on great and she didn’t make me feel like an idiot. Cost wise, Grainne was really honest and open about how much the procedure would cost and even allowed me a payment plan of paying per session rather than up front. For my selected treatment, it would cost 200 euro per session and I am recommended to undergo at least 4. At first, I thought that sounded like a lot. But you book your appointments in advance so have time to organize money and in the grand scheme of how much I’ve ever spent or will spend on treatments that don’t work, it’s a reasonable amount. I had to wait three weeks for my next appointment because I had done that stupid sunbed. But the three weeks came and went. I abided by the rules and showed up for my next appointment. I was asked to exfoliate three days before the appointment and shave the day before- which I did.

I had to wait three weeks for my next appointment because I had done that stupid sunbed. But the three weeks came and went. I abided by the rules and showed up for my next appointment. I was asked to exfoliate three days before the appointment and shave the day before- which I did.

For this appointment, I went live on my Snapchat and shot the whole thing. Which was brave of me because I was butt naked and didn’t realise how uncomfortable I’d be. If you don’t want to miss any more extremely spontaneous vlogs, add me now- jademccannx.  Anyway, I basically arrived and was shown to the same room we had the consultation in. I stripped off and hopped up on the bed. Grainne cleaned me down with some cleanser and sectioned my body parts with white crayon. She explained  this makes it easier for her know where she has done. I was asked to wear protective glasses and lie back. The laser hair removal began.


And now to answer the most popular question: was it painful? I’m not gonna say no. In some areas I did not feel a thing. But in others, OH MAMA. It basically just feels like someones snapping you with an elastic band. And in more sensitive areas, that obviously hurts. But the pain is instant. It happens and goes. And the treatment is fast so it isn’t a huge thing, really. My full legs, full bikini and underarms took 50 minutes to zap. And I felt no pain other than the stinginess of the laser. No pain after. No tenderness. Nothing. And once Grainne was finished zapping me, she popped some Aloe Vera all over my treated areas and sent me on my way. For something considered so effective, it really doesn’t take a lot of time. I definitely wondered at this point whether I was being shammed- not gonna lie. It was just so breezy. The whole experience. But then I realized that the test patches that had been done had given me bald patches. So, it obviously was working, despite my paranoia.

It being ten days since this appoinment, I can say that my hair has started to fall out. Now, the hair doesn’t fall out then and there. It takes a while and sometimes comes out in clumps. But you’re not supposed to extract any of it yourself- so hide your tweezers. It is recommended that you exfoliate in your next shower and book yourself in to go back again in six weeks for your second session- which is what I have done.  It’s such a confidence boost knowing that soon enough I will have one less image issue to worry about because this was a huge thing for me and has affected my confidence.

Overall, I am really enjoying my experience with We Love Laser. Grainne has and continues to be brilliant. She is such great fun but still maintains professional persona. I know I can hit her up whenever I have any questions or concerns- which is huge because this is all new for me. And I’m actually really looking forward to my next appointment. If you would like to learn more about We Love Laser, CLICK HERE for the Facebook and HERE for the website. They also provide many other treatments and products for skin which, if you read the reviews on their Facebook page, hold amazing reviews. The website also has a list of treatments and the price list.

I definiely recommend We Love Laser– not only for the service but the quality of product as well. If anyone has anymore questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on any of the links below. Have you ever had laser hair removal treatment? What did you think?

I will be posting as my appointments go on so if you have any questions for Grainne or would like to keep up with the treatment process, stay tuned & keep in touch!

Until next time,

J x

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