Hello there darlings,

I know, I know. It’s been about five million years since I sat down and wrote something lovely for you all. But if I even began to explain to you what I’ve been up to & how I got here, it would literally take up the whole post. If you’ve missed out on the last few months, you can head over to my Snapchat (jademccannx) where I post daily vlogs and updates. All I will say is that right now I am working three jobs, running a home and have no idea how I got here.

Right, onto the topic of today’s post. I understand that there are no ten easy steps to completely recover someone from a desperate, upsetting or anxious mental state. Lads, there were days that I couldn’t hold down food for anxiety and couldn’t shower for the lack of motivation. And to be honest, I still have days like that. So, this is not a condescending “I think I know more than you” blog. This is a genuine sharing of my experience. And I am so qualified to write this- strictly basing it off experience, of course. These ten tips are things that get me to the end of a day. They are NOT things that ever cured me of any of my mind’s ailments. They are things that I’ve LEARNED THE HARD WAY definitely work and help me get from a -10 sadness to a relative 5 moderately happiness. It won’t kill you to try them. And if you do, I would love to hear all about it so PLEASE get in touch and let me know how you got on.

I’ve decided to write it because I remember googling how to make myself feel better at one point and finding WikiHow extremely offensive and thinking like… Who writes this shit? I thought these things mainly because it came from a corporate company and was just so insensitive and non-personal. So, my gut feeling on this post is that me sharing my experience will help someone and that if they have any questions they literally can contact me. I always wanted this blog not only to benefit other people but me, too and I am not messing when I say I love getting messages from people and hearing about their experiences. I want this to be a support system for whoever needs it- one that is effective and free. So without further hesitation, here are ten easy ways to improve your mental health immediately.


This for me is one of the most important things I learned and it all came about when a very wise person gave me two pieces of advice: a) No matter how you feel, get up, dress up & show up. And b) Your day can start whenever you decide. Personally, my low mood can take me days in bed, without hygiene and without any motivation to go anywhere or do ANYTHING. And that can be so painful and trapping. Sometimes, I would sleep in until like 1pm (at the moment I’m not at liberty to but I’m sure if I could, I would). And then once I woke up, I wouldn’t bother going anywhere or getting dressed because well, I’ve slept the day out. But after getting that advice, I realized that my day can start whenever I choose. So if I slept until like 3pm, I would wake up and tell myself that that was okay. I could try again tomorrow to get up a little earlier. Nonetheless, I would drag myself to a hot shower with fresh towels and clean clothes- ones that I picked to make myself feel nice. I would do my hair and makeup. And I would get the fuck out of my house. It really does not matter where you go.

Now, the catch. I am not saying that this is easy. Some days I drove crying. Some days I sat in the shower. Some days I had NO energy at all and fainted. Some days I took toilet breaks while socializing to cry. But over time, I began to get into a routine. And although some days I didn’t feel that strong, I felt a lot stronger than I would have if I was lying in a pool of sweat and tears on the sofa. Plus, I survived another day. Which is all that matters. Also, once I realized that hygiene was one of my downfalls when I wasn’t feeling great, it became a little bit easier to monitor my mental state. For example, when my mind was telling me not to shower or not to take my makeup off before bed, I knew I needed to do the opposite or I’d end up in a ball of self-pity and shame. When it comes to the simple things, DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOUR MIND WANTS YOU TO DO because on some days, your mind may want you dead. But your spirit is stronger than that.



On the topic of sleeping out, don’t do it. I know, it’s not as simple as just not doing it, right? I mean the world literally seems UNBEARABLE in the morning. But, I can promise you that if you make that special effort to get some sleep the night before, turn your internet off, set your alarm, just get the hell up and refer to the previous tip, you will feel ten times better. You’ll be proud of yourself, you’ll have more energy, you’ll get a good breakfast, you’ll make some plans, you’ll catch some fresh air. TRY IT. Ever since I started working on Ireland AM, my mood has definitely gone up. I start work at 4am sometimes- YES, that early. And it has done nothing but help me. So… get up, dress up and show up- NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL. Sometimes in the morning I pop some peppermint oil in the bottom of my shower for a little bit of freshness. It definitely helps wake me up, too. Funnily enough, I have plenty more tips on getting out of bed and  kick-starting a day. If you’d like to read a post about that, comment below and let me know so I can whip something up.



If you’re anything like me, you’ll have shut off most of your family and friends and blamed them in your mind for not constantly pining after you, even though you’re being absolutely impossible to deal with. Yeah, that. Well, time to swallow your pride and start using your support system. Would you believe the other day I felt down and texted a friend from secondary school? It can be nerve-wrecking but definitely worth the rush. Not only does doing this help you but you honestly never know where other people are at in their lives and sometimes your low mood and honesty can really inspire another person- SURPRISINGLY. So, look through your phone book. Ring your Nan. Meet up with your old friends. And chat about what’s going on for you. People are not psychic- well, my friends aren’t- and they don’t know that somethings bothering me unless I reach out. So, make some positive plans. Tell old friends you just want to reconnect, that you haven’t been feeling the best lately. And then go and live your life. Fear is not real. Remember that.



I totally get that meditation is not for everybody. And on the best days, it is definitely not for me. But a lot of people, like I used to, have a misconception about meditation. That it means sitting still, in silence, alone for hours on end. That is not true. There is also the misconception that you need to pay money to go to yoga classes or meditation groups. Also, untrue. I practice meditation on YouTube. I search guided meditation videos and most of them are under ten minutes. There are MILLIONS of them that are themed. So if someone you love has died for example, you can do a grievance guided meditation. My favorite meditation channel is Boho Beautiful. She uploads meditations that introduce mantras for your day and on REALLY bad days, they got me to leave me house. Check her out!



I was absolutely shocked when I learned that alcohol and other drugs were actually affecting me all the time. I thought that they only affected me when I put them in my body and the next day. Turns out that mood altering substances can have an influence over your mood and mental health for up to seven days after you’ve taken them. It really made no sense to me that I felt down all the time until I learned that. And by the way, cannibus and codeine based painkillers are included in this.

If you are struggling with your mental health right now and are a regular user of ANY narcotic, including alcohol (alcohol is a drug), maybe you should rethink why you’re taking these substances and if you could stop. If you can’t stop, question why. If you can but need support, email me. If you don’t want to, prepare for the road to get harder. I am not saying give it up forever and ever and live in doom and gloom. I would just recommend trying the sober/clean life for a while to channel how you really feel- which definitely is not easy but is so worth it. I haven’t had a drink or any other drug in almost two years. Not only has my external life peaked- career, relationships etc. But the inner peace that I have gotten, money cannot buy. Give it a go. Give your body a little break and your mind will feel the benefits.



I know it sounds typical and annoying but hydration is so important for your mental stability, energy levels, physical health and so much more. Even your skin and hair will reap the benefits. I find it so hard to drink water. I have no idea why but I absolutely hate it. So, I try to jazz it up by infusing my water with some fruit and putting it in a cute beaker. Sometimes I put a bit of cordial in it or swap still for sparkling. And if you’re having a terrible day and can’t hold food down, this will literally save your life.


When I wasn’t not eating, I was eating crap. I can still get like that- like right now. But when I go vegetarian, I can feel my whole body reboot. I feel thinner and healthier and in turn get a little bit more confidence in myself. Buying the food and preparing it also gives me something to think about and focus on other than myself and how awful I feel. And I learn so much when I’m going to health food stores and watching health related videos online. Booting dairy out of your diet can also be a great way to improve your energy levels. If you do decide to try this- FILL ME IN. I feel so alone in this because I do struggle to stay on track. But I can promise ya that when I’m on it, I feel so much better in myself. It usually takes about three days for me to really feel the benefits. There are so many detox qualities and energy level boosters in yummy yummy veggies that your body will absorb like mad and also, you are focusing on something positive. So, you will feel a bit more positive.



So earlier on in the blog, we spoke about how it’s important to leave your house. Just get up and go outside, get out of bed. Well, channeling nature can be a great way to settle a racing mind and work off some stress. If you’re like me, it takes an EXTRA amount of effort to exercise so that’s off the cards until I’m feeling a bit better again. But try going for a walk, walking your dog, buying a bunny, playing with your neighbors dog- ANYTHING NATURE RELATED. It will take you out of yourself and give you a sense of gratitude, remind you what is beautiful again and remind you how big the world is. I love going for a walk and sitting in my local church. I’m not a religious person but I love sitting in the church because the ceiling is so high. It reminds me that the world is so much bigger than me and my problems. Go to your favorite place. Go to a happy place. Visit the beach, walk a cliff, get an ice-cream or even jump in the sea. It will humble you.



When I am really down, I paint. But I also play music, draw, sing, write poetry and read books. If you’re having one of those days that you really can’t sit with yourself and you really can’t move, at least like yourself enough to have a bit of company. Turn off the television and start channeling your emotions. Write it down and burn it. Paint it in a picture. Make something cool for someone you care about. Do something you can be proud of in a few hours. Something to show people and something that will cheer you up. You are not going to regret doing that.


So guys, these are obviously very simple tips. But I am talking immediate results. Things that got me to another day when all I wanted was for it all to end. I recently watched a YouTube meditation on motivation and the person speaking said that the word ‘motivation’ comes from the Latin ‘to move’. So before you tell me that you can’t do it because you’ve no motivation, your movement is your motivation. Once you force yourself, jump start your body, you will be motivated by the effective results to continue and even try new things. Give yourself a chance. All we need to focus on is getting through today. And we can do the same tomorrow. 

If you have any questions or stories to share, please do not hesitate to contact me on any of my links that are available to you on this website. Alternatively, my email address is jadeshannonmccann@gmail.com.

Of course, share this post with anybody that you think might benefit from it and PLEASE SHARE WITH ME any of the above if you’ve tried them or any other tips that you would add.

Much love until next time,

Jay X







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