Are you a major coffee lover? I have sourced just the thing for you!

Are you a major coffee lover? I have sourced just the thing for you!

Hello there little duckies,

Before I start, let me wish y’all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here in Ireland, it is majorly celebrated and I hope every one of you have a lovely time on March 17th. Send me your Paddy’s Day snaps over on ‘jademccannx’ and let me know what you all got up to! 


Anyway, I am back today with a blog post that is sort of random. So as you guys know, I work in a cute little cafe as a barista and I am such a coffee fanatic. I literally live off and for the stuff. And if you are anything like me, instant coffee just will not do the job for ya. I have tried all blends of instant and at one stage they probably would have given me energy or fulfilled my pallet- but not anymore. So, I spend my days travelling from coffee shop to coffee shop, trying new blends 3-4euro at a time. Well, at least I did…

I have priced coffee machines before and they are generally just too expensive. Estimating between 200-5,000 euro, I always had my heart set on the full thing: not just a pod machine- but one with a steamer and grinder included. Eventually I realised that that was an incredibly ambitious goal considering some weeks, I don’t make rent. So when I was doing my shopping in ALDI and noticed they had a Nespresso machine for only 60euro, I almost cried. And obviously, I bought it.

I decided to drop my previous idea that I could currently afford a full coffee machine that I’d find in work or any other cafe for my house and realised that as long as I had a decent double shot in me, I could live happily ever after. I’m so excited about the purchase and I actually can’t keep it to myself!

So a little run down of this beautiful, affordable Nespresso machine:

  • It is an Ambient electric coffee capsule machine. This basically means that you use little pods to give you your coffee. Another great mention at this point is that Aldi do a beautiful range of Nespresso pods that are absolutely to die for. They also only cost 1.99euro for ten! Imagine how much ten coffees would cost you in Starbucks… ya feel me?
  • However, if you’d rather go and buy some Costa, Kenco or Starbucks capsules for this machine then you can. It is compatible with almost all Nespresso capsules.
  • Included in the box is one coffee machine (hooked up to a lead and plug) and an instruction manual.
  • With regards to the instruction manual, I really don’t think you’ll need it. Literally all you need to do is plug the machine in, lift the top door, pop your capsule in and press go. Simples.
  • There are two options on this machine: single shot or double shot. I’m a double shot kind of gal, myself. On that note, there is no steamer for your milk. There is no milk dispenser at all in this machine. There is no grinder as you don’t need one (ground coffee is in the pods).
  • Nespresso capsules are super easy to use. You don’t need to undo the packaging or take the coffee grinds out. Basically, the machine just pierces the packaging as it rinses the grinds. This saves such messing about.
  • This machine is compact and powerful.  It preheats in just 40 seconds and it’s powerful 20 bar system will extract maximum flavour from the capsules, so you can enjoy truly authentic-tasting coffee.
  • It also has a detachable drip tray. The drip tray is what you rest your cup on as your espresso pours so if you miss the cup or whatever, it falls onto a tray and saves spilling. Cleaning this coffee machine is super easy because of the drip tray- ya just pop it off and rinse it!
  • Last but not least, it actually looks so nice. It doesn’t look tacky or cheap and it definitely doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. It’s pretty small and would fit anywhere in a kitchen. I’ve decided to pop it beside my kettle!

The only kind of annoying thing about this machine is that if you want an Americano, you have to boil the kettle (that’s why it’s beside my kettle). It doesn’t produce extra hot water for your coffee- it literally just produces the double or single espresso. And forget about milky coffees cos this ain’t got no steamer.

However, I’ve been using this machine for a few days and I have to say it is doing the trick. Forget instant coffee. Forget spending 3-4euro a pop in Starbucks. This machine literally takes two minutes to produce a coffee that is equally as beautiful for (if you add it all up and divide it) a hell of a lot cheaper than what you’d usually pay. And did I mention that I love it?

I’ve decided to share this with you guys because I just thought it was such an amazing find. Also, Aldi do great deals on a weekly basis that totally help students and people on a budget out. If you lead a busy lifestyle like me or just absolutely adore coffee, this machine is a fabulous deal and definitely deserves to be considered.

If any of you have any comments or questions, please do not be afraid to comment below. Oh & just incase you would like to source this product further, you can find it at this link: Click Here

Well, that’s all for today. If you guys want to keep in touch or follow me around on a day to day basis, I have been using my snapchat as a daily vlogging format lately. My username is ‘jademccannx‘- come say hey!

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  • NB: This blog post was not sponsored, I genuinely just found a product that I wanted to share with you guys.







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