Hi, I’m Eric & I have schizophrenia | Not Another Beauty Blog 

Hi, I’m Eric & I have schizophrenia | Not Another Beauty Blog 

As you all know, I am a huge mental health enthusiast and I am incredibly eager to slay all discourses surrounding mental illness. 

And although I love connecting with you guys and sharing my own experiences, I feel like some feature articles might give us all a nice break, along with some new information. And show us some home truths, that maybe we have gotten too comfortable to recognise. 

This article features a man that I have grown to know quite well over the last year through college. And one thing I truly admire about Eric is his ability and passion to speak out about his struggles, silver linings and experiences with scitzophrenia. And one really powerful message that I want you to take from this article is that not everyone with a mental illness is female. Shocker. This is a man, that stands openly and speaks out (like me) against discourses, binaries and can say without fear: I suffer with my mental health and that is okay. 

If that isn’t beautiful to you, I don’t know what is. 

I asked Eric to share his experience with me through his writings as, like myself, he is a writer at heart. This is what Eric had to say: 

Jade and anyone else who wants to read this. The following piece is me…

The following piece is a poem that Eric wrote within one of his scitzophrenic episodes. Open your mind, find identification rather than differences. In my opinion, this is a truly powerful piece. 

 Erik, doing something to help a friend, or friends, that will take me about  

 twenty minuets. I write, bit of everything really, and never edit the work. It  

 is one shot. Go with gusto. Double down and you are in the world I inhabit.

 To me skizo-reality, as I kall it, is a mesh where the most magical moment  

 kan and does kome along. Duality stops spinning the second you lay your  

 hand on it. Every choice is no more or no less important than the rest. And  

 that means everything is up for grabs. The anger at a society that tries to  

 kontrol behavior through drugs they deem worth the side effects if it  

 kontrols your mood does nothing much for a consciousness or existence  

 that lives every thought with an audience of every type of specific or  

 unique thing I kan perceive and then welkome into the fold that is writing  

 down, as quick as I kan, a poem or a story or the themes of a play about a  

 wedding where half and half kome together to kelebrate the life party we  

 are all a part of. Enjoy the good, bad, indifferent, in disguise, indecisive and

 whatever the hell else kan be kramed into my mind that if anyone other  

 than the voices understands a unit of it, a thought of it, it will matter  

 somehow to me and brother, sister, angel, demon, god and gods, bring it.

 I’m on a roll, the house is stacked and I keep bouncing on in. We all hear  

 voices in our heads. If they are real then accept them as real units just on  

 a path where some are here and some are there. I wrote that. I thought  

 that. I don’t have to do anything with it. Some might like to read it. Anyone  

 kan think, even the dead in my take on things. It kan get sad, surreal, sexy,

 scary, soul destroying as well as soul enkouraging. There is so much going  

 on that I kan’t help but think we shouldn’t need a friend to help a friend,

to maybe help some friends. You kan perceive anything you kan imagine  

 and trap it in words; thoughts that kome true and thoughts that don’t.

 What matters is that everything gets a go, understand all you know and let  

 the spin flow as we wobble on the planet’s axis, as we orbit the sun, as we  

 spin around in space with all the mad yokes in the Milky Way. And the rest. ©

 I wrote that. I thought that. I don’t have to do anything with it. Some might like to read it.

Well that was definitely something different. In my opinion, well being and mental improvement stems from expression and some sense of awareness. This piece reinforces, to me, the importance of finding a safe outlet for your inner turmoil. I was also politely reminded that despite gender roles and social expectations, MEN DESERVE (are worthy of, and definitely qualify for) JUST AS MUCH MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT AS WOMEN.

If you would like to be in with a chance of a feature article, sharing your experiences, strength and hope- contact me through one of my provided social media accounts below.

Until next time, 

Jay 🎀

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