Introducing Ms. Jordan Nicholls – Plus Size Model | Not Another Beauty Blog

Introducing Ms. Jordan Nicholls – Plus Size Model | Not Another Beauty Blog

Hello babygals,

I haven’t had the chance to really sit down and get a lot of shit down in a long time and as I sit here with a class if red wine, I can’t help but want to pour my soul to you all. But, unfortunately, now is not the time for that. There is somebody special that I want you all to meet. 

Why her? Why Jordan? Well, I have been following this voluptuous lady for quite a while now and her Instagram never fails to cheer me up. I see a little bit of myself in her- except she’s a bit older and way better. Jordan is an inspiring gal and I don’t think anyone should miss out on her successful journey. So, I wrote out some questions and Jordan answered them for us all to have a good gossip- how nice of her! Let’s begin shall we? 


Jordan, could you please give everyone a little biography? – just to get a little feel for who you really are.
I’m twenty two, tattooed, & curved as I like to describe myself. I’m a Dublin native-Dundrum born and bred. I wish I could say I have amazing hobbies or an exceptional social life, but I don’t, I’m quite a simple girl. I work in a charity shop part time and when I’m not blogging or taking selfies, I’m stuck into a book or a documentary. I haven’t had a great start in life or a fun-filled youth but that’s my motivation to throw myself into opportunities and make an exciting future. I’m very independent both financially and emotionally. I’m single 5 years as I value my emotions and space with such love and respect. I am very opinionated and headstrong. I’m never short of having a rant, posting my view on things or to share a quote of how I’m feeling at that moment at time. Its great for women nowadays to have their own mind without being dramatic. I love people, I love hearing other peoples stories and experiences, but nothing gives me more joy than knowing I’ve made someone’s day a little brighter with how I live my life or a word of kindness I might have shared with them.
Jordan, I noticed your account on Instagram when you actually didn’t have that many pictures up but you had a serious amount of followers. That is an accomplishment. What inspired you to create an account?
I get asked this a lot, and my reaction is just as surprised and as shocked as the person who’s asking. Id love to know why people want to know what I’m posting, wearing or feeling, its pretty bizarre, but I appreciate every single one of them. I guess I’m very consistent, there’s not a day I don’t post something so I guess if its a constant cycle of liking and sharing more people visit my account and occasionally follow.
Besides just creating the account, what inspired you to post so frequently?
Honestly, its a hobby for me. Instagram is my safe haven, I feel comfortable posting what I like without judgement. People might find that sad or idiotic, but I think if you find something that helps you escape from reality in an beneficial way why shouldn’t we? Don’t you feel instagram is full of waaaayyy nicer people than any other social platform? It’s almost like they use it for the same reason? And that itself is such a nice reason to post to your hearts content.  My mind is always working away and I feel like posting helps me express myself.
You post regularly and have an audience that responds faithfully. Do you ever get a little bit overwhelmed by how many people know about you and follow you on a daily basis?
There’s been many times I’ve had these nauseating anxiety stricken panics where I’ve wanted to delete every picture several times over but I know I would be ten times more sad knowing I’ve wiped 3 years of moments away. I do share personal stuff to an extent, but never to the point where I feel violated. Social media is not real life, I could post a fantastic picture of me dolled up to the nines smiling like I haven’t a worry in the world but I could have had an absolute terrible day. Having over 4000 people read and see my posts everyday is more of a friendly thought, and that itself is progress in terms of my anxiety.
“Social media is not real life.”
There was a stage this year where your Instagram was based solely on your quest to lose weight. I recall you getting so far, doing so well, feeling great. Some might argue that by signing with V-Plus models you have damaged enthusiasm, that you gave up. Have you simply just gained self-acceptance?
I’m still trying to shift my weight and lead a healthier lifestyle but I’ve realised social media, my profile personally, isn’t the place for it. I don’t want to shame anyone or disagree with what they do or say, as I’d be hypocritical- but I feel like there is already way too much pressure on social media to be in the gym etc. and I don’t want to add to that.
I’m all about self acceptance. I know that I am not thin but in regards to my body, I am healthy and that’s all that matters. HEALTH AND HAPPINESS. The majority of people that follow me are following because they like or can relate to my mindset. Having a contract with such an amazing agency does make me feel a lot more comfortable with who I am and how I look but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on my goals.
Self-love is a really hard thing to achieve. What mind set did you have in your transition?
Determination. You have to want to get better, be better, realise your worth. No one can help you. Its not easy to achieve, I personally had to break before I could build myself up. Taking a step back and looking at things I’m not proud of, who I surrounded myself with and who I wanted to be. I made changes gradually and did things that made my being feel good. You gain so much love and respect for yourself when you make yourself happy. Put yourself on a pedestal, look at the sh*t you’ve had to deal with and see how it hasn’t made you bitter or killed you. How could you not love yourself after that. Wake up everyday, look in the mirror and compliment yourself. If you have tears running down your face, say it louder. How you feel about yourself is the most important. Once you know that, nothing anyone can say will do you damage.

“Wake up everyday, look in the mirror and compliment yourself. If you have tears running down your face, say it louder.”

My blog is mental health based and this interview just have to have some kind of reference in there. Has your image ever affected your mental health? You’re doing super well at the moment, but it might not have always been so.
As a teen, big time. Surprisingly, I was underweight then but I just felt so ugly. I had no self esteem and used to hide my body away. Having to purposely skip meals and smoke like a chimney was not only unhealthy for my body, but the toll it took on my mental health. The obsession to be like everyone else is so damaging to a young impressionable girl.Not everyone is suppose to look a certain way, there’s no “perfect” size, beauty doesn’t need standards. Accepting that helped me, my body went the way it was suppose to be. I’m happy.
Was there a life-altering happening that pushed you to thrive for success? Sometimes a break up or someone passing can push people to do things for the positive. Any comment?
I’ve had a couple of breakups that have truly shattered my heart, but ultimately made me stronger and wiser. At first, it hits your self esteem, “what did I do?” “Am I the reason they left” “Am I not beautiful enough?” but I think that’s a normal reaction. As humans, we are our own worst enemy. Ultimately its only pushed me to do better and improve myself. Do your best and you’ll attract the best. Success, happiness and a smoking hot appearance is surely the best revenge. Sometimes you need pain or hardship for you to excel in life.
Where do you see yourself in five years time?
I’d love to say I’d see myself starting a big career. At 22, I’ve not yet decided what I want to be or do, but I know I have a lot of drive and potential so i’m sure I wont be disappointed.
Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
Babies! babies! babies! That’s my ultimate goal. I cant wait to be a mother, I honestly think that’s life’s greatest gift and I cant wait to experience it. I want to do and experience as much as I can in life before I raise a family. I want them to have and feel love and stability which I lacked a lot of my life. Creating a world for them to flourish in, wouldn’t that be the life.

“I want to have children and have them feel the love and stability that I lacked a lot of in my life.”

Is there a quotation that inspires you on a regular basis? If so, what is it?
“Insecurity kills all that is beautiful” – this is also a tattoo I have on my shoulder. I seen it in a book and wrote it on the inside of a journal years back. I just remembered how much I loved it. Rewind a few years back, my insecurities could have killed me, they destroyed everything good in my life. The damage that can be done by having no confidence in yourself is indescribable, it’s hell on earth. It’s important to go through life remembering that these traits are slow silent killers. I’m so happy that I get to carry that quote around on my body until the day I die.
You have a blog online. I understand that that may not be your main focus right now but what is it that you wish to promote the most through your posts?
I started my blog more out of people asking questions and their interest in my experiences. I wanted to give people a little insight into the real Jordan, as a human with real life problems. I got amazing feedback and even had other girls mail me saying I’ve inspired and helped them, that itself is so rewarding. If inspiring others is what I’m capable of, I think id say id wish to promote strength.
You are an Irish female. What does that mean to you? How do you feel as a woman in Irish society?
I’m extremely proud of where I come from. We were raised to stand up for what we believe in and we’re never suppressed because of our gender and I think that’s extremely important as it moulds us into how we are today; a right outspoken bunch. GIRL POWER. As a republican, I feel we have the ability to be anything we want, no restrictions because we have female parts. Irish people are more accepting, and with the plus size modelling world about to explode, I know the Irish society will be right behind us cheering us on.
Do you think you will stay in Ireland? How do you view the window of opportunity for people like us in this country?
I’m a homebird, I don’t know whether that’s a lot to do with my anxiety or my love of the comfort zone and usual surroundings. Circumstances could change, things in life aren’t  guaranteed so who knows I might take a leap one day. We’re a small country in a world full of amazing places, right now the opportunities aren’t here in terms of jobs etc, but life is what you make it. Normal girls have become Irish superstars, such as Suzanne Jackson (SoSueMe) who turned her passion into many business ventures, her brand and name is literally everywhere. I’m fully supportive to those who do leave for a better life and I hope they find the happiness they crave in the places they visit. Love what you do!
What is your advise for a younger you?
“ENJOY LIFE” be young, be happy. All the drama and problems you have now won’t mean a thing when you’re old enough to know better. Don’t make your life a circus for the entertainment of others. You’re strong, beautiful and kind. Bad actions don’t define your character.
I get a lot of younger readers, about the age of fourteen-seventeen, if you could tell them one thing that you would like to stick in their minds, what would it be?
I want them to enjoy their youth. Be a teenager, be silly, and do as much fun stuff as you can. You’re so beautiful regardless of your weight, your skin, your messy hair and silly laugh. Don’t worry and cry over boys, you have plenty of time for relationships. Your image is not everything, too many young girls now look older than me, desperate to be wise above their years. Put the contour kit down, slap on some lip gloss and enjoy your youthful complexion. Make mistakes, but please gain as much knowledge as you can. The world isn’t always a wonderful place, so enjoy the safety of going to school and even doing homework. Just let loose, grab every opportunity and enjoy every moment. You’ll never be as young as you are right now.
And on that note, I could not have said it better myself. 
Babygals, if you get a second please do venture over to Jordan’s Facebook page and give it a like, I can see huge things going her way. Also, her Instagram is BOOMIN’ and you’re the only one losing out if you don’t go and follow PRONTO. 
Jordan’s Facebook page:
My Facebook page:
Before I go, I want to let you all know my BIG NEWS. I am officially a commercial model under Fraser Models and Actors, Dublin. Watch this space!
Until next time,
J x






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