Review: Nails by Niamh| Not Another Beauty Blog

Review: Nails by Niamh| Not Another Beauty Blog

I have so many exciting things coming up for you guys to keep glued to and interested in. One of which are reviews of local business, popular products and the likes! I think this is such a good idea because a lot of the time, we don’t know what to expect when we pay for a product, so to have someone there keeping you all informed is just a nice little way to shop smart! Also, regarding local businesses, not only will it give you the goss on the owners, workers and their story, it will show you their stock and give them some advertisement! It’s a win-win for everyone. So, keep tuned for more updates on local people and businesses. FUN TIMES AHEAD!

The first local business that I was lucky enough to encounter was a lovely lady named Niamh. Based in Ballybrack, Niamh works from home doing nails and eyelashes. Regarding the quality of the product, there are a few things that I would like to highlight. Remember gals and guys, I’m an honest chick, so if there were any problems, I would not hesitate in typing them out. However, the set of nails I received are probably the best I’ve ever gotten- given the price, I was expecting a regular set that a lot of ladies would throw out at fifteen quid a pop that last a week. Yet, the nails on my fingertips right now are at salon quality. You can find some pics attached and judge for yourself but I, personally, couldn’t be happier with the standard of product regarding my nails. Niamh really took her time with my nails, showed a lot of initiative and attention to detail, making sure that they were exactly how I had wanted them to be as a finished product.

12023043_1544554342502157_1773789938_n 12023049_1544554335835491_1388331938_n 12049016_1544554339168824_2039693729_n

Regarding my eyelashes, I have never gotten the individual lashes done before, I have only ever had clusters applied- and to be honest, I wasn’t particularly keen on them. They made me feel tired, my eyes were itchy and I just didn’t really feel comfortable with them on. Nevertheless, with the individuals Niamh has applied, I can honestly say they make no noticeable different to my everyday life- applied from how fab I look (obviously). I haven’t been rubbing them, none have fallen out. Now, I will say that the application involves a lot of patience and motivation. For example, you have to lie still for an hour and if you even dare to open one eye remotely, the glue nearly takes your eye-sight. But, that is no fault of Niamhs and she did everything she could to keep me as comfortable as she could for the time in which I was in her custom. The lashes also look natural, which is surprising because usually with a product as good as this, it costs a lot more than what Niamh charges. For these AMAZING lashes displayed below, Niamh charges fourty euro- which I think is a bargain if I’ve ever seen one! Ignore my eyebrows, I didn’t get them waxed until after I left Niamh’s house hehe! The lashes are supposed to last up to 6-8 weeks and I will let you know how I get on with posts on my Facebook page.

12030936_1544554355835489_334331322_n 12032610_1544554352502156_1779599397_n

Now for what I consider the most important aspect of a visit to a local business- THE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Upon arrival, I was offered a cup of tea, I was asked how the temperature in the room suited me, I was asked if I smoked and if I’d love to have one before the treatment began. Because I was there a while, I had three cups of tea. Each of which were gorgeous might I add. Niamh was really polite for the whole time I was there, never once crossed the boundaries of worker-client information. She shared with me her aspirations, her personal life, her current status as a nail technician, her work history- I felt so comfortable with her and not once felt out of my place or unwanted or unsure about the service.

Guys, I don’t lie. I really did enjoy every second of my time with Niamh as a customer and I am also absolutely delighted with the finished product.  THANK YOU, NIAMH! I will definitely be coming back to you in the near future. Well done and congratulations on all you have achieved. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours!

Guys, if ya have a sec, please follow Niamh on her Facebook page.

Thanks for reading, until next time, J x


2 thoughts on “Review: Nails by Niamh| Not Another Beauty Blog

  1. Oh man i wNt, i want, I WANT! To bad I don’t live no where near…how about I stay at yours as a hotel for the night lol just so I can get my nails and eyelashes done hehe. Great article x


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