I’m A Volunteer! | Not Another Beauty Blog

I’m A Volunteer! | Not Another Beauty Blog

If you read my blog regularly, you will be aware that I have deferred college for a year. This basically means that I have decided to take a year out, and start second year in September. That’s all well and good, however, I am now left with all of this spare time and nothing to spend it on! I only work part-time in a bar so I’m left with weekdays (when my boyfriend Tom is down in Shannon studying). So, I looked in to some things that I could do to help pass the time, that would also look great on my CV for when I graduate!

One thing that I started was ballet class of a Thursday evening. This probably won’t be going on my CV but it is something that I’ve always wanted to do and now that I’ve got the time, I don’t see why not! It is so fun and I love the little outfits! I’m currently doing a beginners class, however, when I start to improve, I plan to move to a proper dance school and take it from there. I do really want to become good at it!

Now, I don’t know whether I’ve mentioned this before but I am so close to my parents. I’ve always looked up to my Dad, especially to his involvement with local youth projects (youth centers, boxing clubs). My dad even went back to college at the age of forty-four just to qualify in Youth Work! So, with all this time on my hands, it crossed my mind to volunteer in the same youth center that he once volunteered at for his work experience whilst he was studying. I went up to the Little Bray Youth Project Bray, Co. Wicklow on Monday and filled out the forms and started working there on Tuesday! The area that I’m in at the moment is the after-school activities. It’s basically letting the kids in after school, making sure they’ve gotten something to eat if they’re hungry, they play for a bit in the sports hall, then they come upstairs for some arts & crafts activity and then they complete their homework. It runs from three until half-five every afternoon. I absolutely love it. It’s so hard to explain, but there definitely is some sort of amazing sensation that you can get out of helping kids with their homework, or even just playing a game with them. As well as the fact that it takes my mind off a lot of my current problems, it also puts a lot of things into perspective. Although Fassaroe can be perceived as quite a rough area, I’ve spent a lot of time there growing up and am quite familiar with it. It does become apparent that a lot of things that I complain about and worry about, aren’t big things at all. Having conversations with children that have lost parents or siblings or don’t have a proper house to go home to… I mean, who am I to moan about anything, really!?

My favorite part so far has been helping the kids with their homework. It’s so strange because I remember being that age, I remember hating my homework, I remember thinking that it was so hard! I remember thinking I’d never get it done or I’d never finish primary school! And here I am, graduated from secondary school, writing online, struggling through college! I guess it’s rewarding because I can understand how hard it can be as a kid, not wanting to go to school, and then somebody just sitting down for even a half an hour and just reminding you that it’s going to be okay because well, they made it. I like the idea that perhaps I’m giving someone hope, especially people that might need it.

I know that sometimes I shite on in these blogs but I really did feel like it was important to share that because I’d like to think that by the end of reading my blog, I’ve changed somebody’s perception on something. Kind of like an influence… And if at least one reader even considers going and volunteering, then I’ve done something right. I’d like to think that I could inspire other people into stepping forward and just sharing their spare time! It doesn’t cost anything and it sure as hell will benefit you!

The course I’m doing is English, Media and Cultural Studies. It’s a four year course (five years including the year I took out) and then after that I’m encouraged to specialize in something (teaching, journalism) and complete a post-grad. The reason I chose to volunteer in a youth center is because if I do decide to go into secondary school teaching, it will look great on my CV that I spent my year out with the youth of a close-by community. So, as well as it getting my mind off things, as well as it helping the kids out, as well as the center having an extra pair of hands around the place, it also looks absolutely fabulous on paper for future employers! I’m so excited about this, I just had to share it with you guys!

So, that’s all I’ve got for you for today. If you’re thinking about doing something new and nice, definitely give volunteering a shot!

Also, my page reached over 800 likes which really does mean a lot to me! I don’t think anybody realizes how much I actually enjoy putting words together and sharing my life. I’m so glad that it’s started to take off! If you haven’t already liked my page and are interested in having a little nosey peek, click here! Also, could you please let me know who you’d like to read about on my Local Goss blogs! Tips can be sent via private mail on my page or even posted as comments! I’d love to know who you’ve all been keeping an eye on and what I can do to help.

And if you’re local and are interested in dropping in or supporting the project, click here for the Little Bray Youth Project’s Facebook page.

Thanks for reading,

Until next time,

J x


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