10 Things You MUST Do Before Autumn Says Goodbye | Not Another Beauty Blog 

10 Things You MUST Do Before Autumn Says Goodbye | Not Another Beauty Blog 

I decided to take the morning off college today (I know, bold Jadey) and my brother took me to Insomnia Coffee Shop for a little treat. I ordered a Pumpkin Spiced Latte (yum!) and it got me thinking.. These are the things that make autumn what it is. Which led me to think: maybe I should share with you guys some things that I do, and need to do, before autumn says goodbye. It’s all about embracing life as it comes and I believe autumn is the most beautiful season of all. So here are my ten things that I would love you to try before autumn says goodbye for another year! I hope you enjoy every bit of the list.

1. Go to your local coffee shop and try a pumpkin spiced latte! It warms up the autumn spirits big time!

2. Take a long walk, wrapped up nice and cozy, and stand on every crunchy leaf you possibly can! Trust me- it’s fun.

3. Decorate the house for Halloween early. Have fun! Live Halloween all October and embrace the holiday! Get yourself all excited. Why not sure? It only happens once a year.

4. Be creative. Make your own costume! This saves money and brings good memories! You can be the best looking ghost there. Just use your imagination! Maybe even look up some videos on YouTube for make-up ideas. I was a candy skull last year and it cost me nothing.

5. Buy a candle. Usually around seasonal times, I go to Yankee Candle and splash the cash on a gorgeous smelling fragrance to spice up the holidays. You won’t regret it!

6. Get some cozy pajamas! It’s beginning to get cold, remember, and nobody likes that transition between summer and winter. Make sure you treat yourself to some lovely new fluffy Penney’s pajamas! They always do the trick!

7. While you’re in Penneys, get some layers for yourself! Vests, tights, scarfs- the lot! You’ll be cold on those college mornings. Trust me.. You can still look hot even if you are freezing!

8. Go to the bonfire! The smell of burning wood… Oh yes! It’s fantastic. Go to the bonfire and enjoy the blazing heat on a cold October night. It’s a must do!

9. Take the kids trick-or-treating! Or just go yourself with your friends! I do it every year. I don’t care how old I am! Some things just have to be done.

10. And finally, get in the festive spirit! If there’s a Halloween ball on- go! If you get your nails done- get a little witch on your thumb. Enjoy it. There’s no reason you shouldn’t! It’s like a warm up for Christmas and you don’t even have to spend that much of your dollar bills!
Happy October!

Jadey x



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