What If Straight People Had To Come Out Of The Closet? | Not Another Beauty Blog 

What If Straight People Had To Come Out Of The Closet? | Not Another Beauty Blog 

 I found this great video on the College Times website that just totally made me think in a completely new light. I’ve always been supportive of anybody that’s gay or bisexual, I think that goes without saying on my behalf. I really believe that it doesn’t matter at all what sexuality someone is. I despise when someone is introduced like “Oh Jade, have you met my new friend Dan? He’s gay.” Like seriously? So what if Dan’s gay, I didn’t need to know that. It’s none of my business what-so-ever who Dan decides to love or have sex with. Sorry Dan but the thing is I really don’t care what way you swing. I’m more focused on whether or not you’re a good person, whether or not you act like a big dickhead and whether or not you’re worth my time based on only these factors of your personality. That’s more important to me. Dan’s not a real person, by the way. That was just a terrible anecdote.

Anyway, the video on the College Times website is a parallel shot of two students, one male and one female, that go through the whole video being put in awkward situations. In each shot, each student in some way has to “come out of the closet” and tell whoever they’re conversing with that they are, in fact, straight. The reactions in the video are generally the same reactions that people in contemporary society give to those that admit to being gay. In the end, the two students meet coincidentally and admit to one another that they’re straight. This ending suggests they may form some kind of relationship with one another. A nice hopeful ending. Coming out of the closet can be really difficult and scary for people in today’s society- ESPECIALLY in Ireland. This video really turns the tables and make you think about everyday situations you yourself may have to face if things were just a little bit different. 

The reason the video made me think differently is because okay, yes, I’ve never had a problem with anybody being gay, lesbian, transgender or anything else. But alongside that, I’ve never imagined myself having to do the everyday things and have the same everyday conversations that people in them situations have to. Imagine, seriously, having to explain yourself for what you are. You don’t realize that people actually have to do that. For example, in the video, the male is standing at a coffee machine, holding a cup and he’s speaking with another male. The opposing male asks if the protagonist has a boyfriend (assuming obviously that he’s gay like everyone else in the video) and the protagonist hesitates before answering “Well, actually, I’m straight”. It’s like a parallel universe. It’s like a warped world. It’s a crazy, new insight for me. It really made me think about how even I react when someone tells me that they’re gay or different in any way. It’s something definitely worth thinking about. Nobody deserves to feel like they’re different or weird (in a bad way). Isolation is a horrible part of life that nearly everybody goes through at some stage. This video just hits the nail on the head with a fantastic idea on how to open peoples minds that little bit more.

I would highly recommend you to just have a look at the video. It’ll only take you two minutes and it really is enlightening. It’s so powerful and it really does feel strange to watch people completely flip things around on-screen. I found it inspiring and I hope you do too. 

The link is: http://collegetimes.com/2014/10/13/straight-people-come-closet-video 


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