Full Review: Vichy Clay Mask- What’s The Difference Between Higher & Lower Brand Clay Masks? ANSWERED HERE.

Hello ducks,

I am absolutely slaying in regular blog posts lately, what do you reckon? I suppose I’ve just come to a realisation that if I’d like a regular chat with you all, I best upload more regularly for something for us to chat about! I am currently sitting at home of a Friday night in my pyjamas, listening to The Beatles, drinking Coconut water and just seriously relaxing. I have just washed my face of the Vichy Clay Mask that was given to me in sample form by my beautiful cousin, Tori, who accesses little treat samples through work in a pharmacy. Let’s hope she throws more our way so I can keep you updated on what is worth buying! So incase you didn’t pick it up by now, I’ll add in this little disclaimer to state that this is not a sponsored post. Vichy sent me nothing. This mask was a gift and this post shall be of my own honest opinion.

I decided I’d review this for you the minute I saw how much it cost on THIS website. I was sort of expecting this price range because I understand that Vichy is a popular line, considered to be that bit more luxurious. But see, I’m mad for a bargain where I can get one. So the question I really wanted to answer in this quest was: is it worth it? 18 euro for 75ml of Clay Mask. Is it really worth it? That’s nine items in the pound shop. That’s like a full face of makeup on AliExpress. And I ain’t cheap- believe me. But personally, where alternatives/ dupes are available and equally as good, I don’t understand why people pay such high prices. In my opinion, they are essentially just paying for the brand name. So, I guess I wanted to see if this was about the brand name or the quality of product. And I did just that. So let’s chat about how I got on.

Firstly, let’s talk about the product itself. This product usually comes in a set of three but can be bought on it’s own. As I said, I was lucky enough to get it as a gift so didn’t avail of the other two products in the set. And I can’t speak for them either. However, the set of three (if you were to get it) contains a Quenching Mineral Face Mask, A Double Glow Peel Face Mask and, of course, the Clay Mask that we’ll be talking about in this post. To find out more about this set and where to purchase it, click here. And yes, you’re right. It sounds very similar to the mask set you can purchase in Penneys and all other major stores and pharmacies… the L’Oreal set. Click here to find out more about that. Now, to be honest, I’m really not aware which one came out first. But only the test will tell which one is better or if, just maybe, they’re both the same.

As mentioned above, this blog post will focus on the Clay Mask- and I’m gonna talk you through my whole process and experience. Firstly, I started off by prepping my skin. I was having a no makeup day. So to clean my face I just took a Johnson’s face wipe (mentioned in my last blog post as holy grail) and rinsed it with hot water before wiping my face. Then, using a cleanser by Salon Services, I deep cleaned my skin with cotton wool and cleanser. Then, taking a clean brush, I applied the Clay Mask in a thin even layer on my skin- which is specified on the instructions.

What I will say at this point is that I found it really impressive how little product was needed and how smoothly it took to the skin. It was like applying silk to my face. It didn’t clump, it wasn’t hard or stiff. I actually at one point remember thinking that it was almost a mousse-like consistency. Thumbs up on that one, Vichy. Also, it smelled yummy. Sometimes I find that clay masks can just smell completely like bugs and muck. But this mask had a lovely perfumed scent to it and was definitely not too much on the raw scent front. I also liked that. Nothing worse than spreading a mask all over your face that cost you an arm and a leg, only to realise you can’t stomach the smell or sting. So, another impressive part of the experience.

The instructions read: Apply a thin layer and let dry for 3-5 minutes. At first I thought, that’s a pretty short amount of time. But I was recently talking to someone who advised me never to let a clay mask completely dry on my face because apparently it’s really bad for your pores and oil levels. She recommended that I use a spritz during the active time of the mask to ensure it doesn’t drought my skin. So, I did this too. I used my a basic spritz that I picked up in Boots for about 5 euro- I think it’s cucumber flavour. And of course, I washed the mask off with warm water after about five minutes.

I found the mask dried at a pretty fast pace because I applied such a thin layer. But it didn’t feel uncomfortable. And it didn’t irritate me at all. It didn’t sting or pull my skin, it didn’t smell weird or anything like that. It actually has been one of the few masks that I’ve used and could call therapeutic. Yano like in the ads when they look all chilled with a mask on and they’re floating on a cloud or some shit? I felt like yerone. I genuinely had a really relaxing active experience.

So then, on to the next stage: washing it off. I took to the bathroom when my timer beeped and rinsed the mask off with some warm water. I dabbed my face dry with a clean, fluffy towel. I then began to give myself a good scan in the mirror to see if it had magically transformed my face. And…. well, I was still the same. And because I was given the sample bottle I was a little bit unsure about what was actually supposed to happen because not much was written on the little 15ml pot. So I went to the Boots website. And it reads:

This mineral rich formula infuses two fine white clays [Kaolin + Bentonite] to penetrate deep into the skin’s surface to immediately eliminate excess sebum and impurities, leaving skin feeling purified and cleansed. Also enriched with two plant extracts [Allantoin and Aloe Vera], Vichy’s Clay mask instantly treats damaged and fragile skin, leaving it feeling soothed and soft to the touch.

Who is it for?
Designed specifically for those with combination to oily skin with congested and clogged pores. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Immediately pores are unclogged and look less visible
The rich clay minerals eliminate excess sebum and impurities
Skin feels instantly smooth, hydrated and revitalised
Designed specifically for those with combination to oily skin with congested and clogged pores.

It’s smooth, clay texture can be applied effortlessly to provide a pampering moment to the skin’s surface.

Lemme start by saying that my skin is oily/ combination. So I’m a suitable candidate. And in basic summary, it did leave my skin soft and the product was super relaxing to use and a really pleasant consistency on the skin. But lads, my pores looked the exact same after the treatment. I wish I could say different considering people pay 18 euro a pot. Now, I will say at this point that I do have really stubborn pores. But I will also be completely honest and say that after using the clay mask, I went back in on my skin with the Black Mask I got on AliExpress. And that shifted them. So, take from that what you want. And I understand some masks take a while to work and perhaps that is the case and that would be fab. But if that was the case, it shouldn’t promise immediately less visible pores, then, should it?

Anyway moving forward, I got to questioning whether or not people are just paying for the brand name. So I checked up on the ingredients of the L’Oreal Clay Mask- just to do a basic compare & contrast.

The ingredients of the L’Oreal Clay Mask are HERE and the Vichy ingredients are HERE.

And if you clicked on those links you can see that the ingredients of each product are not the same. But I came to a further conclusion. Vichy’s Clay mask contains more ‘organic’ ingredients like the aloe leaf powder (for sarcastic example) but it also contains alcohol and NO CHARCOAL. The L’Oreal Mask actually contains lava clay (as a clay mask should contain at least one clay based ingredient), charcoal power (which is so good for them pores) and has NO ALCOHOL. Incase ya didn’t know, never put alcohol on your skin if you can help it. So, so, so, so bad for you. I linked why in my last blog post. Click here to read that. 

So to conclude, I have tried the Vichy Clay Mask and I found it to be a relaxing and pleasant experience. But the results were not so fab. Unfortunately, and I really mean that, my pores didn’t really look any different. Which is one of the promises I was depending on. My skin was however softer.  But most importantly, this experience made me question why there’s such a price different between clay masks that claim to do the same thing but have different brand names, so I compared the ingredients and… on paper, the cheaper, more generic brand looks like it has more to offer. And on my travels, I found a blog post from Pippa O’ Connor who claims she loves the L’Oreal line and swears their masks work wonders. Click here to read Pippa’s views.

All in all, I am not knocking Vichy. I think the product was nice. But I personally would not pay 18 euro a pot for something that does not carry out it’s claimed primary purpose- to minimise my pores immediately. And, there are testimonials from really reliable sources stating that L’Oreal’s masks are wonderful. And I’m gonna be super honest and say I have not tried the L’Oreal masks BUT if the reviews are anything to go by, I’d much rather spend 9 euro than 18 euro. So, there ya have it.

Anyway, if you have ever used any of these products please comment below and let me know how you got on! Which do you think is better? Are any of these your holy grail? Tell us why!

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Hello there darlings,

I know, I know. It’s been about five million years since I sat down and wrote something lovely for you all. But if I even began to explain to you what I’ve been up to & how I got here, it would literally take up the whole post. If you’ve missed out on the last few months, you can head over to my Snapchat (jademccannx) where I post daily vlogs and updates. All I will say is that right now I am working three jobs, running a home and have no idea how I got here.

Right, onto the topic of today’s post. I understand that there are no ten easy steps to completely recover someone from a desperate, upsetting or anxious mental state. Lads, there were days that I couldn’t hold down food for anxiety and couldn’t shower for the lack of motivation. And to be honest, I still have days like that. So, this is not a condescending “I think I know more than you” blog. This is a genuine sharing of my experience. And I am so qualified to write this- strictly basing it off experience, of course. These ten tips are things that get me to the end of a day. They are NOT things that ever cured me of any of my mind’s ailments. They are things that I’ve LEARNED THE HARD WAY definitely work and help me get from a -10 sadness to a relative 5 moderately happiness. It won’t kill you to try them. And if you do, I would love to hear all about it so PLEASE get in touch and let me know how you got on.

I’ve decided to write it because I remember googling how to make myself feel better at one point and finding WikiHow extremely offensive and thinking like… Who writes this shit? I thought these things mainly because it came from a corporate company and was just so insensitive and non-personal. So, my gut feeling on this post is that me sharing my experience will help someone and that if they have any questions they literally can contact me. I always wanted this blog not only to benefit other people but me, too and I am not messing when I say I love getting messages from people and hearing about their experiences. I want this to be a support system for whoever needs it- one that is effective and free. So without further hesitation, here are ten easy ways to improve your mental health immediately.


This for me is one of the most important things I learned and it all came about when a very wise person gave me two pieces of advice: a) No matter how you feel, get up, dress up & show up. And b) Your day can start whenever you decide. Personally, my low mood can take me days in bed, without hygiene and without any motivation to go anywhere or do ANYTHING. And that can be so painful and trapping. Sometimes, I would sleep in until like 1pm (at the moment I’m not at liberty to but I’m sure if I could, I would). And then once I woke up, I wouldn’t bother going anywhere or getting dressed because well, I’ve slept the day out. But after getting that advice, I realized that my day can start whenever I choose. So if I slept until like 3pm, I would wake up and tell myself that that was okay. I could try again tomorrow to get up a little earlier. Nonetheless, I would drag myself to a hot shower with fresh towels and clean clothes- ones that I picked to make myself feel nice. I would do my hair and makeup. And I would get the fuck out of my house. It really does not matter where you go.

Now, the catch. I am not saying that this is easy. Some days I drove crying. Some days I sat in the shower. Some days I had NO energy at all and fainted. Some days I took toilet breaks while socializing to cry. But over time, I began to get into a routine. And although some days I didn’t feel that strong, I felt a lot stronger than I would have if I was lying in a pool of sweat and tears on the sofa. Plus, I survived another day. Which is all that matters. Also, once I realized that hygiene was one of my downfalls when I wasn’t feeling great, it became a little bit easier to monitor my mental state. For example, when my mind was telling me not to shower or not to take my makeup off before bed, I knew I needed to do the opposite or I’d end up in a ball of self-pity and shame. When it comes to the simple things, DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOUR MIND WANTS YOU TO DO because on some days, your mind may want you dead. But your spirit is stronger than that.



On the topic of sleeping out, don’t do it. I know, it’s not as simple as just not doing it, right? I mean the world literally seems UNBEARABLE in the morning. But, I can promise you that if you make that special effort to get some sleep the night before, turn your internet off, set your alarm, just get the hell up and refer to the previous tip, you will feel ten times better. You’ll be proud of yourself, you’ll have more energy, you’ll get a good breakfast, you’ll make some plans, you’ll catch some fresh air. TRY IT. Ever since I started working on Ireland AM, my mood has definitely gone up. I start work at 4am sometimes- YES, that early. And it has done nothing but help me. So… get up, dress up and show up- NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL. Sometimes in the morning I pop some peppermint oil in the bottom of my shower for a little bit of freshness. It definitely helps wake me up, too. Funnily enough, I have plenty more tips on getting out of bed and  kick-starting a day. If you’d like to read a post about that, comment below and let me know so I can whip something up.



If you’re anything like me, you’ll have shut off most of your family and friends and blamed them in your mind for not constantly pining after you, even though you’re being absolutely impossible to deal with. Yeah, that. Well, time to swallow your pride and start using your support system. Would you believe the other day I felt down and texted a friend from secondary school? It can be nerve-wrecking but definitely worth the rush. Not only does doing this help you but you honestly never know where other people are at in their lives and sometimes your low mood and honesty can really inspire another person- SURPRISINGLY. So, look through your phone book. Ring your Nan. Meet up with your old friends. And chat about what’s going on for you. People are not psychic- well, my friends aren’t- and they don’t know that somethings bothering me unless I reach out. So, make some positive plans. Tell old friends you just want to reconnect, that you haven’t been feeling the best lately. And then go and live your life. Fear is not real. Remember that.



I totally get that meditation is not for everybody. And on the best days, it is definitely not for me. But a lot of people, like I used to, have a misconception about meditation. That it means sitting still, in silence, alone for hours on end. That is not true. There is also the misconception that you need to pay money to go to yoga classes or meditation groups. Also, untrue. I practice meditation on YouTube. I search guided meditation videos and most of them are under ten minutes. There are MILLIONS of them that are themed. So if someone you love has died for example, you can do a grievance guided meditation. My favorite meditation channel is Boho Beautiful. She uploads meditations that introduce mantras for your day and on REALLY bad days, they got me to leave me house. Check her out!



I was absolutely shocked when I learned that alcohol and other drugs were actually affecting me all the time. I thought that they only affected me when I put them in my body and the next day. Turns out that mood altering substances can have an influence over your mood and mental health for up to seven days after you’ve taken them. It really made no sense to me that I felt down all the time until I learned that. And by the way, cannibus and codeine based painkillers are included in this.

If you are struggling with your mental health right now and are a regular user of ANY narcotic, including alcohol (alcohol is a drug), maybe you should rethink why you’re taking these substances and if you could stop. If you can’t stop, question why. If you can but need support, email me. If you don’t want to, prepare for the road to get harder. I am not saying give it up forever and ever and live in doom and gloom. I would just recommend trying the sober/clean life for a while to channel how you really feel- which definitely is not easy but is so worth it. I haven’t had a drink or any other drug in almost two years. Not only has my external life peaked- career, relationships etc. But the inner peace that I have gotten, money cannot buy. Give it a go. Give your body a little break and your mind will feel the benefits.



I know it sounds typical and annoying but hydration is so important for your mental stability, energy levels, physical health and so much more. Even your skin and hair will reap the benefits. I find it so hard to drink water. I have no idea why but I absolutely hate it. So, I try to jazz it up by infusing my water with some fruit and putting it in a cute beaker. Sometimes I put a bit of cordial in it or swap still for sparkling. And if you’re having a terrible day and can’t hold food down, this will literally save your life.


When I wasn’t not eating, I was eating crap. I can still get like that- like right now. But when I go vegetarian, I can feel my whole body reboot. I feel thinner and healthier and in turn get a little bit more confidence in myself. Buying the food and preparing it also gives me something to think about and focus on other than myself and how awful I feel. And I learn so much when I’m going to health food stores and watching health related videos online. Booting dairy out of your diet can also be a great way to improve your energy levels. If you do decide to try this- FILL ME IN. I feel so alone in this because I do struggle to stay on track. But I can promise ya that when I’m on it, I feel so much better in myself. It usually takes about three days for me to really feel the benefits. There are so many detox qualities and energy level boosters in yummy yummy veggies that your body will absorb like mad and also, you are focusing on something positive. So, you will feel a bit more positive.



So earlier on in the blog, we spoke about how it’s important to leave your house. Just get up and go outside, get out of bed. Well, channeling nature can be a great way to settle a racing mind and work off some stress. If you’re like me, it takes an EXTRA amount of effort to exercise so that’s off the cards until I’m feeling a bit better again. But try going for a walk, walking your dog, buying a bunny, playing with your neighbors dog- ANYTHING NATURE RELATED. It will take you out of yourself and give you a sense of gratitude, remind you what is beautiful again and remind you how big the world is. I love going for a walk and sitting in my local church. I’m not a religious person but I love sitting in the church because the ceiling is so high. It reminds me that the world is so much bigger than me and my problems. Go to your favorite place. Go to a happy place. Visit the beach, walk a cliff, get an ice-cream or even jump in the sea. It will humble you.



When I am really down, I paint. But I also play music, draw, sing, write poetry and read books. If you’re having one of those days that you really can’t sit with yourself and you really can’t move, at least like yourself enough to have a bit of company. Turn off the television and start channeling your emotions. Write it down and burn it. Paint it in a picture. Make something cool for someone you care about. Do something you can be proud of in a few hours. Something to show people and something that will cheer you up. You are not going to regret doing that.


So guys, these are obviously very simple tips. But I am talking immediate results. Things that got me to another day when all I wanted was for it all to end. I recently watched a YouTube meditation on motivation and the person speaking said that the word ‘motivation’ comes from the Latin ‘to move’. So before you tell me that you can’t do it because you’ve no motivation, your movement is your motivation. Once you force yourself, jump start your body, you will be motivated by the effective results to continue and even try new things. Give yourself a chance. All we need to focus on is getting through today. And we can do the same tomorrow. 

If you have any questions or stories to share, please do not hesitate to contact me on any of my links that are available to you on this website. Alternatively, my email address is jadeshannonmccann@gmail.com.

Of course, share this post with anybody that you think might benefit from it and PLEASE SHARE WITH ME any of the above if you’ve tried them or any other tips that you would add.

Much love until next time,

Jay X





FULL REVIEW: StylePro Brush Cleaner (Pros, Cons & How To Get The Best Out Of This Product!)

Hello there, little duckies!
It has been a very long while since I sat down to talk to you all via blogpost. I suppose, and it’s no excuse really, I’ve been distracted with college and other social media outlets. Snapchat seems to be where it’s all lately- which obviously is a side-kick app and not one to forget about my blogposts for.
Anyway, I am back today with a review that was requested over on my new Instagram account that I made for just make-up posts (JadeMcCannMUA). I’ve finished my night course in Beauty & Make-Up and have been pottering along with freelance and loving it. On the way, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks- which is fab because it gives us all something to talk about other than our mental health (which, I’ll admit is important but can get very boring at the best of times).
Also, just incase y’all didn’t know, I’ve been talking a LOT over on my Snapchat, using it almost as a live vlogging format. So, if you want to follow me around on a day to day basis, find me over at Jademccannx. Some days, I’m good and positive. Other days, not so much. But I’ve learned not to hide anything back so whatever you’ll find over there is 100% honest and 100% me. And in my opinion, that’s the beauty of this blog. There aren’t many secrets, there aren’t any lies. I could go into a big update on this blog post, but I’d rather not. If you’d like to catch up, head right on over to my Snapchat and we can get up to date there! The main point of this post is the review- so let’s get to it!

We all know that in order to get the best out of our brushes we have to keep them clean. If we want to avoid breakouts, oily skin, pore build ups- then we need to keep our brushes super clean! This product was something that someone I know had gotten for Christmas and would not stop raving about, and I decided to follow their footsteps and pick it up. My boyfriend was laughing about me cleaning brushes, saying that he was sick of watching me scrub the life out of brushes for hours on end after each appointment. And putting it like that, it makes a lot of sense to have something quick and easy that does it for you. Especially if, like me, you’re using them constantly on clients or other people and need something extremely hygienic and super-quick!
Moving on, let’s talk about the where and how much. And a disclaimer: this is not a sponsored blog post. I was not gifted with this product. I got it in McCabe’s pharmacy, Dundrum Town Centre. I paid 70 euro. At the time, I thought it would be very much worth it and didn’t mind paying that kind of money. I thought: “It will save time, it’ll save effort, it’s a high-end product and will be worth the investment”. On that note, I’m not saying that I was wrong. But, I can review that price, knowing what the product is like and say that 70 euro is a bit of an ask. If I were in that branding boat at the time, I’d say about 40 is a grand price. But 70? I don’t know. Personally, I think it’s a bit expensive. Now, I am aware that I could have picked it up on black Friday or maybe even ordered online for a cheaper price. I went straight in without thinking too much about it. So, another beautiful part of reviews- learn from my mistakes! If anyone is reading in hopes of buying this product, I would recommend shopping around before taking the plunge as it is pricy. I have included some links down the bottom of some websites that I have found cheaper prices on. Hope it helps!
Now, that’s not to say that I don’t like the product. I most definitely do. And let’s get this straight, I can be fairly sceptical when it comes to modern technologies and self-acclaimed ‘innovations’. I think this product is a brilliant idea. And on paper, such an amazing leap within the make-up industry. A time saver, something hygienic, something dependable. And in theory, it does what it says on the tin. It washes and dries each brush within 30 seconds- amazing! Right?


Included in the packet is a bowl (for washing your brushes in), a wand, some rubber frames- for attaching your brushes and spinning them (either to clean them in water, or dry them in air) & some batteries! My first question was, did I just pay 70 euro for a glass bowl and an electric toothbrush? But after using it, I realised that maybe I was being a bit harsh. The product works. Each brush I cleaned, was spotless and dried within 20 seconds after was dry. Result! However, there is a catch. Included in the package, too, is a brush cleanser- which you only get two sachets of. It’s recommended on the box that this be the only brush cleanser you use. But, me in all my glory, underwent a little investigation. See, a lot of people would just believe that and totally pay 15 euro a bottle. But me? Nah.


After researching and researching, it was proven that all usual brush cleansers can be used: surgical spirits, baby shampoo, anti-septic soap- you name it! So you can thank me for saving you a few dollas that way. Understanding that this is a business that needs to gain capital, I won’t judge that too harshly. But after charging 70 euro, maybe they could cool it on the merchandise. Just an observation.
There have been horror stories about this product that I’ve read online about people whose brushes have died a death due to the rotation of the wand, or who’s brushes have completely shed due to the cleanser. But, for me, I don’t see a problem at all like that within my use. There are clearly indicated instructions included and once used correctly, there shouldn’t be an issue. I have a full set of Zoeva brushes- which as you know cost a bomb- and I cannot afford for them to get damaged. Saying that, I have to say that I do trust this product. I use a combination of baby shampoo and anti-septic soap and so far, all has worked.

Personally, my favourite thing about this product is how fast it dries the brushes. I never really had an issue with washing my brushes (even though it took ages) but the worst part was waiting days for them to dry out completely so I could use them again. Having them dried within a few seconds is an absolute revelation! Another amazing thing about the product is that it has taken the make-up industry by storm, so any questions you may have are a Google away!
To further this review’s conclusion, here are five Pro’s and five Con’s that might help you make your mind up:

(1) Washes and dries brush within 30 seconds and as you can imagine, this saves a lot of time if you’re reusing your brushes a lot.
(2) Is super hygienic.
(3) Despite what the leaflets say and based on my own experience, all brush cleaners can be used!
(4) Is easy to use. I have to say that I really did not have any difficulties in navigating the product. The instructions are comprehendible and give step by step guidance.
(5) DOES WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN. It does not half clean brushes, leave any product behind or take longer than promised.

(1) This product is expensive. In my opinion, it should not cost as much as it does based on what is included in the package.
(2) Can be costly to maintain if you would prefer to use the cleanser recommended.
(3) Sometimes the brush frames don’t fit the brushes on the wand, which can be very irritating as you’ve to squeeze them into smaller frames and put a lot of strength into getting them back out.
(4) The process can be a bit messy if you’re spinning the wand too fast or if you’re bowl is too full.
(5) It seems to me that it might be something that, over time, people will forget they have. I would recommend being sure you actually need it before buying it. It may be a bit gimmicky in the respect that it’ll be on everyone’s vanity area, but not be used for the reasons intended.

All in all, I do recommend this product as an investment. I would advise that you are sure you need it before purchasing. It may seem attractive and a bit of need, but I can honestly say that when put into practice, it is only worth buying if you actually need to rotate and hygienically, quickly clean your brush set.
As promised, some links that include this product at cheaper prices than the one that I paid:

If you have had any experience with this product or would like to comment further, please do not be shy and get in touch! I would love to know how other people have gotten on. Also, I am sorry that this blog post was not uploaded to my official site. For whatever reason, there were issues and it would not let me edit and upload properly.
Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed and if you know anyone that would benefit from this review- PLEASE TAG THEM OR SHARE THIS POST. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll catch you on the flip side.
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Craig Newman PT Experience: Half Term Results & Review

Good morning chicas!

This blog post has been requested so many times- even though I have been constantly updating you all about my PT experience over on Snapchat. I suppose sometimes it’s nicer to have somewhere a bit more permanent to upload and refer to, so I’m sitting down to answer your most asked questions about my personal training experience with Craig Newman in Ben Dunne Gym, Cherrywood, Co. Dublin.

I suppose I better start with how I came to a decision that I would like to go down that route and how, then, I availed of the services. A bit of it was luck, I must admit. Some of you might already know that I’ve been boxing on-and-off since I was eleven years old. I have been attending Ben Dune gym on-and-off for the last four years. Personally, I just find it really hard to seriously commit to not just fitness, but anything. And my most recent time rejoining Ben Dunne (June 2017), I made a promise to myself that I would make a real effort to turn fit into a lifestyle rather than a fad to spice up my Instagram or lose the Dominos that I have been so freely and frequently indulging in.

See, my mind is very good at talking me out of things that are good for me and talking me into self-destructive behaviors- so I kind of knew I needed a little bit of extra support if I was really going to make this work. My Dad has always been my coach but at the moment, he’s training for a competition in BJJ and is working shift so definitely wouldn’t have the time to help. Anyway, one day I was walking into the gym and I saw a clipboard on the desk asking people to leave their name and number to avail of a free consultation with a personal trainer.

Now, I always thought that personal trainers were over-rated but then again, I had never actually tried it. I always thought it was something that rich people or people that really struggled with their weight and fitness did and that I wasn’t bad enough or rich enough to avail of the service (and believe me, I know how ignorant that sounds now). I also thought that only people that wanted to participate in lifting competitions etc. would have a personal trainer. Basically, I had a whole load of misconceptions. But, for some reason I just put my name and number down on that list. I suppose it was down to the fact that I’m earning a bit more money now and I thought rather than blowing it on crap, I could invest in my body.

And real quick, I’m gonna tell you why that’s super important for me. My career goals include me being on camera and I am hella sick of asking people to delete photos and just generally being uncomfortable in my own skin. When I thought it through, it made a lot of sense that investing in my body could be considered investing in my career. I also realized that as your local blogger, it would be a cool experience for you to come on with me. I thought we could all learn something and a little part me also thought that I wouldn’t be contacted and none of this would matter. Then, about a week later, Craig text me and asked when I was free for my free consultation. We organized a meeting and it all began.

What happened at the consultation?

For some reason, I was actually pretty nervous. I kind of knew I’d be spending a bit of time with this person, had no idea who they were, knew they were gonna weigh and measure me, knew I was about to undergo and change in life and all of that just seemed pretty daunting. But when I arrived, Craig was waiting on reception and he was just so friendly. He brought me into a consultation room (which I liked because there was no way in hell he was gonna measure and weigh me in the middle of the gym) and it just started off with a general chat. He asked me questions like ‘What are your body goals?’, ‘How is your fitness now?’, ‘What would you like to achieve?’- and my answer was mainly that I wanted some support and consistency on my journey. That I wanted to tone up and get myself up to television standard and that I really didn’t want to talk myself out of it. Basically, that I needed an extra push. Then I was measured, my body fat percentage and lean body mass percentage were taken and my weight was also taken. Craig text me all of the results straight away so I had a reference point. I will be including these figures and my current figures at the end of this post! I asked about prices and schedule, meals and what would be expected of me. We spoke about dietary requirements and recommendations- he even gave me a dietary programme to follow and talked me through that, explaining it really well. I decided to book straight in and go ahead with it. The consultation took about twenty minutes in total.

Why choose Ben Dunne Gym?

I chose Ben Dunne Gym because it’s on my way to college and work and is super cheap with amazing classes and staff. The going rate is 20.95 a month and that includes all classes or you can pay 210 a year. I think it’s totally worth it as the equipment is great and the staff are so friendly. I actually couldn’t imagine myself going anywhere else at this point.

Who is Craig Newman and why did I chose him?

Essentially, I didn’t chose him to begin with. The way that list works is whatever PT is free or has free slots contacts potential clients for consultations. He contacted me. However, if I was uncomfortable or didn’t like his specialized areas I was more than welcome to request someone else.

Craig has a specialized background in weight loss, full body toning, strength training, muscle building, suspension training, sports specific training, group specific training and nutritional and diet advice. He essentially helps clients that are looking to get into the shape of your life or just loose those extra pounds. His spectrum is quite broad and if you visit his Facebook page by clicking here– you will find that his testimonials do NOT let him down. His career is based around helping people believe and achieve their fitness and weight loss goals and his program is designed with everyday advice for everyday people. He has been working in the fitness industry for 9 years now in both Ireland and the UK and is currently based  in Ben Dunne Gym, Cherrywood which is located in the Cherrywood Ind Est, Dublin 18.

Being 100% honest, I was really worried about training with a man. I was really, genuinely concerned that I would be distracted, self-conscious, embarrassed or just kind of in over my head. And I spoke to a floor manager about this a few days before my consultation and she just assured me that gender was not an issue, that it was about the area of expertise and the services that someone could provide rather than their gender. I don’t know why but I was expecting the experience to be so much more different with a male trainer. I was worried that I wouldn’t have a good connection with the person and that it would be awkward. But the floor manager spoke really highly of Craig and assured me that all freelance personal trainers are of a professional standard and specialize in ensuring their clients are comfortable. So, rather than base it on gender, I researched his specialized areas and testimonials and went from there. I decided that he was the way to go.

Probably the most requested question- how much does it cost and is it worth it?

Craig’s prices vary based on your goals and the amount of time and investment he would have to make. My goals were based around building some muscle and losing some fat, working up my fitness and just having some support available. I pay Craig 30euro an hour, we meet up twice a week and we have so far only committed to a six week trial run. So that’s a total of 360 euro. He asks that you pay the first half up front and the second half way through. So that is two installments of 180.

I understand that some of you reading are still in school and can not afford this or maybe you just think I’m crazy for paying it. But I found the installments really helpful. It gives me time to save up and have the money ready. Plus, I have never had results like this when training alone or with my Dad for that matter. The money is worth what you receive, in my opinion, because you’re paying for so much more than just two appointments a week. Craig provides his number and writes back to any queries immediately, there is constant advice on hand, he is always on time and has a really organized schedule for you to avail of. And the most important thing for me is that the results come. You’re paying for results. DISCLAIMER: Because the personal trainers are freelance, the PT fees and the gym fees are completely separate entities. However, if you were to simply ask the PTs for advice or to draw you up a program, to my knowledge you wouldn’t be charged.

What are the lifestyle/home requirements like?

Craig provided me with a pretty decent dietary guide with recipes and a program to follow- it based around a high protein and low carbohydrate intake. It does involve a fair bit of meal prep but I’ve kind of taken the diet and worked it around with my schedule. So I understand how much protein is in the diet, what things my body will need and when. And I tailor it to my busy life. Unfortunately, I can only prep food like once a week and this doesn’t last me all week so I’m kind of winging it sometimes. So far, it’s worked but it does bother me that I’m not getting the full experience I’m paying for due to the hours I work. It’s a commitment. The whole experience is. So, I would advise that you clear your schedule a bit before you consider taking it on. That would probably be my only downfall- still working mad hours and not getting enough sleep through all of this. Apart from that, all that is asked is that you take extra care of yourself at home and don’t over do it. I’m really honest with Craig about how many times I go to the gym, how many hours I work and sleep and because of that he’s able to help me around that. It is a lifestyle change and I have made changes like drinking more water, cutting down caffeine and just trying to work this program to the best of my ability.

I guess what I’m getting at here is although you’ve payed for a PT, they cannot do the work for you. Your life does have to change in a lot of ways and these can’t be half done. Your actual habits have to be deconstructed and rebuilt. The idea is that you have the right support and teachings while doing so. So, yeah, the lifestyle requirements are fairly hefty. But they’re included in your price. A lot of the work is done at home but I suppose before beginning your journey you have to decide whether or not you are willing to give your all.

How often do you meet?

We decided mutually that two sessions a week would fit both of our schedules. I do train on other days and Craig provided me with a workout schedule for the sessions that he can’t be present for.

Another really requested bit of info, what have the results been?

Right so I only got measured and re-weighed yesterday as a celebration of reaching half term- we are three weeks into our six week course and basically, it’s working. I’m gonna just pop in bullet points below with some of the results that came up.

  • On the first week, my body fat percentage was 22.62%. It is now 19.95%.
  • On the first week, my lean body mass was 44.3kg. It is now 46.7kg.
  • On the first week, my bod fat weight was 13.0kg. It is now 11.7kg.
  • And on the first week, my full body weight was 57.2kg. It is now 58.4kg.

So I have been gaining muscle and losing fat- which is exactly what I wanted to do. So, the results are in and the proof is in the pudding. Also, some of you may be concerned that my body weight has gone up. Muscle is heavier than fat. So that explains that.

All in all, this experience so far has been brilliant. For me personally, I’ve enjoyed it that bit more. I know this sounds mad but being young and sober can be really tough sometimes and I’ve realized that one of the only places I feel like I fit in is the gym. It’s where people go because they want to better themselves and push themselves and I just really love that atmosphere.

Obviously, the results are proof that this isn’t all for nothing. It is costly and it does take some commitment but personally, because I’m a career-driven person and this is all based around a long-term goal, I feel like it’s very worth it.

Not only am I having fun and seeing results, I’m also learning a lot about nutrition and fitness. Craig answers anything at all you ask with really well structured answers and sends on any information you ask for. Also, there are loads of exercises that I felt I knew how to do that I could have seriously harmed myself doing my way. So I’ve been taught a lot with regard to stature and stance, weight ability, fitness levels and general safety and boundaries when pushing myself. Craig is also just such a great lad and such good craic. We always have a laugh during our sessions but are definitely capable of having a serious conversation when we have to. He is supportive, professional and worth at least a consultation. I say that because I understand that it varies from person to person. Some people might not feel as comfortable with him as I do and some people will. It is a personal experience and it should definitely be tailored to your preferences. On that note, I will just say that if there are any issues with any PT you choose, do not spend money on someone that either you don’t have faith in or you believe don’t have faith in you. There are a other PTs at Ben Dunne that I have brilliant things about so if you’re having doubts or Craig’s booked up- it’s so worth doing some further research.

I know that Craig thinks I can achieve my set goals and I know he wants to help me get there. That has made this experience all the more magical and I am so grateful that it isn’t over yet. Knowing that I’m constantly learning and seeing results drives me more. I understand the benefits of the gym now, mentally and physically, and I don’t drag myself there because I hate my body. Today, I get excited about going because I love my body. And I want to benefit from nutritional advice and fitness expertise.

I would not only recommend Craig Newman as a PT, I would also recommend Ben Dunne Gym in Cherrywood as a whole. As I said, the classes are brilliant, the facilities are great, the staff are young, vibrant, super-friendly and willing to help wherever possible. I understand that these opinions may vary by the end of my six week trial but I will keep everybody updated (as I have been) over on my Snapchat and come back with a second, conclusive blog post on week six.

If you have anymore questions, ya can find me at the links below. Please do get in touch, I absolutely love having a laugh and chat with you and hearing about your experiences reading my posts! Also, it is my BIRTHDAY TOMORROW and that is definitely a reason to come and say hi! Also, don’t forget to like and share this post and tag a friend that would benefit from reading! Thank you so much for dropping by & if by chance you do head to Ben Dunne Gym or request a consultation with Craig or any other PT in Cherrywood- don’t forget to tell them I sent ya! Craig’s pages and the link to Ben Dunne Gym’s Facebook are down below, also.

Until next time,



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Hey there babies,

HAPPY HUMP DAY! I hope you’re all doing well and slaying your daily goals. A few of you over on my Snapchat have requested this post as a result of me begging for some immediate skin remedies a few weeks ago and trying some new products. But ultimately what I decided to do was to go back to the products that were my holy grail in adolescence. And now, I’ve deciding to share them with you.

The reasons behind why I love and care for these products varies but mainly, they work and I can afford them. Not only can I afford them, I can afford to use and replace them- which is most important. It’s all well and good ‘treating ourselves’ to a skin care routine. The hard part arises when it works and we love it but can’t afford it again. These top products I’ve chosen (and definitely am using, by the way, not by sponsorship or collaboration but just because I like them) are available in ANY supermarket or pharmacy and can be bought for under 15 euro. Yes, you read that right.

I also want to state that what works for me might not work for you. And although I am certified in beauty and am well aware of the routine things should be done and how certain ingredient affect your skin blah, blah, blah… Sometimes I just enjoy convenience and immediate results. I work three jobs and am always on the go and these products fit that- FOR NOW. This skin routine isn’t perfect and I do not claim it to be. But for the moment, it’s keeping my skin absolutely lit. And that’s good enough for me. Now, as the weather changes and as my diet might (probably will, let’s be real), my skin will, too. And that’s alright. I’ll get back on track or find something else. But for now, this is what I have to share.

  • Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Facial Scrub

I used to use this scrub when I was a really young teenager and to be honest, up until recently had just completely forgotten about it. But as you Snapchat fam know, I’ve been bangin’ on about my pores for ages. I’ve been trying everything to shift really stubborn blackheads around my nose and cheek area and it has been driving me demented. And I did not consider this product out of passion or nostalgia. I was strollin’ through Tesco and there was a sale. Yep.

Its consistency is a bit like toothpaste. It exfoliates in quite a subtle way and doesn’t hurt or tear my skin- ever. But it is effective. A lot of people think, and I used to think, that in order to exfoliate your skin you have to really scrub it and leave it raw. This actually doesn’t help at all. You’re not supposed to move your skin while scrubbing it, you’re supposed to keep a flat surface. A more subtle scrub is the best option. And I find that this scrub does that for me. It also lifts blackheads- FOR REAL. And it leaves a great squeeky shine, too. I just keep this bottle in my shower and use it when I can. It is perfectly fine to use daily- it says so on the bottle. But I have other products that I’ll list below that tie me over. I use this scrub about three times a week and worth noting: I started to see results after just one use. I paid less that 5euro for this product and it does last a good while. Each use requires a pea-sized amount of product and the bottle is 150ml- PLENTY! Definitely recommend!

Alternatively, you could try the Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub at this link. I’ve also included a picture of the Clean & Clear 60 Second Shower Mask because I have heard brilliant things and do believe it is worth trying along side this product- you can find out more about this product here. And alternatively again, I have included a picture of the Garnier (Skin Active) Blackhead Eliminating Scrub– which I have not tried but if for any reason you cannot use Clean & Clear, this could be a go-to for you. Click here for more info on that product.

  • Johnson’s Makeup Be Gone Refreshing Wipes (for Combination Skin)

There are pros and cons to this product, I will be honest. The main con being that each packet of wipes alone cost almost five euro. Which, let’s face it, is expensive for face wipes when you can pick some up in Penneys for A LOT less. BUT, lemme argue a case here. The product is worth it. That’s my case. There is moisture LOCKED in to each individual wipe and they smell delicious. They leave my skin not only squeeky clean but super moist- without contributing to oily skin. I use the the wipes for combination skin mainly because my skin can be any way on any given day. But also, I feel like they have the best balance. For some reason, whenever I use products that are designed for sensitive skin, I have a bit of a reaction. So for me, combination skin is the best option. But of course, that varies from person to person.

Along with using these products, I have completely minimized my makeup wear. I really try not to wear makeup on my skin at all now. I allow myself about two days a week with foundation and the rest of the time, I’m fresh faced with a bit of brow product and mascara. So, I carry these wipes in my bag. I use them morning, mid-day and night. Basically, whenever I think of it. They have a decent amount of moisture in them and are SO satin so you can literally see the dirt lift- even if there is nothing on your face! I love that because it really makes me feel like the wipes are working deep into my skin rather than just at a surface level. And the best part- there is NO ALCOHOL in these wipes. Which is super, super important. To find out about the effects that alcohol based products have on your skin- click here. ANYWAY, although these wipes are a bit pricey, I do think that they are definitely worth it. If you’d like to find out more about this product, click here. I picked mine up in Dunnes Stores but you can definitely find them in any good supermarket or pharmacy.

  • Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Moisturizer

Holy grail! This is probably my favorite product out of this list. Basically because not only did it surprise me, it rescued me. For the last few months I was using a Benefit moisturizer that I did find really good I have to say, but it was more of a night cream as it was just too heavy and thick for my skin. It took ages to absorb and left my hands a bit sticky. But this product (for a fraction of the price) is everything I’ve ever wanted. Again, I used it as a teenager but had completely forgotten about it and came across it in a supermarket sale, decided to give it a second bash. At the time, I was with my cousin who swore that it was like satin on the skin and was really effective. I took a leap of faith and went out on a limb spending a whopping 3 EURO in the sale at the time and have not looked back since. It is really light on the skin and can be used both morning and night (which is so convenient), it really locks in moisture and leaves a gorgeous dewy glow WITHOUT looking oily or feeling greasy. It has a really subtle scent that is gorgeous but not too strong- which I think is really important in a moisturizer. There’s nothing worse than accidentally putting a strongly perfumed moisturizer on your lips, licking you lips and realizing that this might be how it ends. This product is the perfect balance and I cannot recommend it enough. I basically just massage this product into my face using my ring fingers in upward circular motions both in the morning before I leave the house (can be used before makeup application) and at night before I go to bed. This product can be bought in any good supermarket or pharmacy. Click here to find out more!

Although I do not use the cleanser, I have heard brilliant things so have included a picture as a recommendation for a sister product. If you’d like to find out more about the sister cleanser, click here.

And last but not least, my favorite lip product at the moment…

  • Maybelline Dr. Rescue Baby Lips in Menthol


If I’m being 100% completely honest, I actually bought this product a decent while back and did not realize or appreciate that I was sitting on absolute gold. I think I picked it up because I’d seen a pretty picture of it on Pinterest or something ridiculous and just forgotten all about it. I bought it in my local pharmacy for something like 2 or 3 euro. So, it was totally affordable. And, is TOTALLY WORTH IT.

I personally love the menthol flavor because it tingles my lips and kind of makes them feel that little bit more plump because of that. But the reason I love this product goes beyond tingly lips. It is full of moisture. It has changed the dry lip game. It literally makes my lips feel like silk. And I understand that this product isn’t exactly considered skin care, as such, but with the lack of makeup lately I’ve been wearing a balm rather than heavy product on my lips and I’ve been really trying to focus on rehabilitating my skin rather than drawing out of it all the time and expecting it to run on empty. It’s like a little promise I’ve made to myself. Mainly because I was sick of dreading up close no makeup photos or snapchatting on my makeup days off. I would definitely consider this lip balm a treatment. It does say on the label that it is a medical balm and focuses on bringing lips up to a healthy standard. It also just looks really cute! It leaves a really decent, non-greasy shine on the lip and does not look cakey or thick. I keep this product in my bag and just use it all day long. I even pop it on before bed and let it work some magic while I sleep. If you’d like to know more about this product click here. Alternatively, I would use Vaseline- which cannot be doubted or questioned in life, EVER.

What I really love about these products is that they are affordable and accessible and can be used by any skin type or age group. In my opinion, they’re almost universal and they really don’t put you out of pocket to try. I find that the hardest thing about finding the right products these days- a lot of them are just not affordable or realistically priced and are almost impossible to keep a constant supply of them. So, give it a bash. What have you got to lose?

Anyway guys & gals, as requested, that is my current, affordable skin routine. Please do drop a comment and let me know if you have used any of these products or anything similar. If you go ahead and try any of them- let me know how you get on! Even if you hate them and think I’m wrong- lemme know what your alternative products are. All I’ve done with this whole skin experience is go back to basics with skin care. Instead of trying really expensive and crazy products, like I have been doing since I left these ones behind, I just decided to try these again. For the price range that they are at, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose. A few weeks ago, my skin was rough and dehydrated. I had fine lines and really dark circles and freckles, I also had a yellow tone to my face. Today, my skin tone is more even, my dark circles have reduced and my fine lines are gone. I will admit that in addition to using these products, I have been drinking water with lemon slices in it (as an anti-oxidant) and exercising regularly. It’s really important to note that because more than anything, your skin reflects your health on the inside. Your skin is you largest organ is a complete mirror of your diet. So just to note that sometimes, rather than a new skin routine, a new diet or multivitamin is required.

If you have any questions about any of these products or anything else about my current skincare routine please do not hesitate to get in touch! And if you’d like to join in on daily vlogs, daily posts and so much more ultra-fun times, just click on the links below. Thank you for reading!

Until next time,



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We Love Laser: Consultation/First Session Review & Progress Report

Hello darlings!

This blog post is a little overdue but I didn’t want to review straight away until I had time to review the results, too. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered in this post so I will get straight into it.

I suppose the first thing I better address is why I chose laser hair removal and what it was that helped me make the decision to go with We Love Laser for my treatment. Basically, I am very dark haired. My hair growth is very strong- in every sense- and I just find it so hard to manage.  Literally within a few hours of shaving, I have stubble. And I’m talking everywhere. I can’t plan outfits, I don’t feel comfortable in dresses, swimsuits or vest tops. I’ve tried everything except LHR- waxing, shaving, plucking, creaming, epilating… And to be fair, I was just getting really sick of it. The images I will use in this post are not my own but are good examples. Here are some examples I’ve found online of how my hair growth has been since I hit puberty. Gross, right?

A few of my friends had gone with laser hair removal and recommended it. But I never hopped on board because I had a few misconceptions. I thought that it would be really expensive. I thought that it would hurt. I thought that my hair growth was that bad that I would be in the few percent of people it doesn’t work on. Anyway, one day as I was pulling some leggins down passed my ankles to cover my thick, black stubble, I just decided that I’d try it. I couldn’t bare the thought of another dry shaving session as I ran out the door. And I started earning a bit of extra money so I could afford it (or what I thought it would cost). I figured that I could just enquire regardless and see even how it worked or what the technician would recommend. I literally had nothing to lose.

So once I’d decided that I’d give it bash, I just had to decide where to go- which I thought would be the hard part because I’d absolutely no clue how it worked or what defined ‘good’ treatment. And at that point, I decided not to overthink it. I popped up a post on my Facebook asking some of you guys if you recommended anywhere effective and affordable and I went with the most popular- which was We Love Laser in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Which is flippant and definitely not very considerate but I do not regret my decision. I googled the number and called in with a very confusing call for the person on the recieving end. I basically just said: “I really think this is for me but I had no idea what I’m doing”. This is where my journey began.

A lovey lady named Grainne answered the phone and has been handling my case ever since- which I think is great because I personally would find it embarrassing if there were loads of different people at my private area or staring at my hair legs. And I would recommend being honest from the very start. I told a little white lie and it definitely bit me back. Once Grainne knew I had no knowledge of the treatment, she invited me in for a FREE consultation and squeezed me in for that very day. So, I got dressed and made my way to Dun Laoghaire. When I got to Dun Laoghaire, I got a coffee and did a sunbed. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

This is the part where I tell you that every customer gets a free consultaion. Absolutely none of this treatment has been discounted or free for me under promotional work. I am a paying customer and these will be honest reviews. 

My appointment was for 3pm and for once I was on time. Grainne met me with a lovely, big, warm smile and a welcoming, bubbly personality.  I felt embarrassed showing up with not a clue about me but she made it so easy. She explained EVERYTHING. From the hair growth, to how the procedure works, to how often I’d need it, how each stage would work and what I’d need to do to correlate all of this. And I was actually surprised at how much I wasn’t allowed do. First up, sunbeds. And yes, I lied about my last one. The reason there is such a long list of things you’re not supposed to do is obviously for your own safety. But I panicked because Grainne said she was gonna do a test patch and I was so excited and didn’t wanna have to wait. So I said my last sunbed was two weeks ago. But we soon found out the truth when she put the laser to my skin and it burned like hell. I wanted to get my full leg, biniki line and underarms done so Grainne test patched a small portion of each area. It was only painful where the sunbed had worked so I knew that this scale of pain wasn’t a normal thing.

In basic terms, the jist of what was explained:



Grainne explained that our skin is a really important organ and too much exposure to UV lighting can be damaging and result not only in pain but in really bad pigmenation. So I had to promise that I wouldn’t put any tan on until my appointment (or other alcohol based products), that I wouldn’t use sun beds or be out in the sun and that I would notify her of ANY supplements or medications that I took. I learned my lesson. She gave me informational leaflets and her phone number incase I had any questions. I was really happy with how my consultation went so I booked my first session. One of the main reasons I rebooked was not only because the treatment sounded like it would really work for me, but because I felt comfortable. We had a laugh, I realised I had no reason to lie, we got on great and she didn’t make me feel like an idiot. Cost wise, Grainne was really honest and open about how much the procedure would cost and even allowed me a payment plan of paying per session rather than up front. For my selected treatment, it would cost 200 euro per session and I am recommended to undergo at least 4. At first, I thought that sounded like a lot. But you book your appointments in advance so have time to organize money and in the grand scheme of how much I’ve ever spent or will spend on treatments that don’t work, it’s a reasonable amount. I had to wait three weeks for my next appointment because I had done that stupid sunbed. But the three weeks came and went. I abided by the rules and showed up for my next appointment. I was asked to exfoliate three days before the appointment and shave the day before- which I did.

I had to wait three weeks for my next appointment because I had done that stupid sunbed. But the three weeks came and went. I abided by the rules and showed up for my next appointment. I was asked to exfoliate three days before the appointment and shave the day before- which I did.

For this appointment, I went live on my Snapchat and shot the whole thing. Which was brave of me because I was butt naked and didn’t realise how uncomfortable I’d be. If you don’t want to miss any more extremely spontaneous vlogs, add me now- jademccannx.  Anyway, I basically arrived and was shown to the same room we had the consultation in. I stripped off and hopped up on the bed. Grainne cleaned me down with some cleanser and sectioned my body parts with white crayon. She explained  this makes it easier for her know where she has done. I was asked to wear protective glasses and lie back. The laser hair removal began.


And now to answer the most popular question: was it painful? I’m not gonna say no. In some areas I did not feel a thing. But in others, OH MAMA. It basically just feels like someones snapping you with an elastic band. And in more sensitive areas, that obviously hurts. But the pain is instant. It happens and goes. And the treatment is fast so it isn’t a huge thing, really. My full legs, full bikini and underarms took 50 minutes to zap. And I felt no pain other than the stinginess of the laser. No pain after. No tenderness. Nothing. And once Grainne was finished zapping me, she popped some Aloe Vera all over my treated areas and sent me on my way. For something considered so effective, it really doesn’t take a lot of time. I definitely wondered at this point whether I was being shammed- not gonna lie. It was just so breezy. The whole experience. But then I realized that the test patches that had been done had given me bald patches. So, it obviously was working, despite my paranoia.

It being ten days since this appoinment, I can say that my hair has started to fall out. Now, the hair doesn’t fall out then and there. It takes a while and sometimes comes out in clumps. But you’re not supposed to extract any of it yourself- so hide your tweezers. It is recommended that you exfoliate in your next shower and book yourself in to go back again in six weeks for your second session- which is what I have done.  It’s such a confidence boost knowing that soon enough I will have one less image issue to worry about because this was a huge thing for me and has affected my confidence.

Overall, I am really enjoying my experience with We Love Laser. Grainne has and continues to be brilliant. She is such great fun but still maintains professional persona. I know I can hit her up whenever I have any questions or concerns- which is huge because this is all new for me. And I’m actually really looking forward to my next appointment. If you would like to learn more about We Love Laser, CLICK HERE for the Facebook and HERE for the website. They also provide many other treatments and products for skin which, if you read the reviews on their Facebook page, hold amazing reviews. The website also has a list of treatments and the price list.

I definiely recommend We Love Laser– not only for the service but the quality of product as well. If anyone has anymore questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on any of the links below. Have you ever had laser hair removal treatment? What did you think?

I will be posting as my appointments go on so if you have any questions for Grainne or would like to keep up with the treatment process, stay tuned & keep in touch!

Until next time,

J x

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Review: Beauty Pro Nourishing Collagen Mask & Timeless Truth Collagen Eye Mask (Sent by Beauty Belle)

Hey there, little ducks!

I hope you are all keeping well. On my end, I’ve not much news. Just that I’ve been working extra hard to try to finish this college year with my sanity, keep two jobs & run this show, too! Things always pick up when summer is coming around but I absolutely love being busy so it’s actually fun for me- I know, I’m strange. If you’d like to see what I get up to on a day-to-day basis (on Ireland am, in college, at home, traveling etc) then just add me on snapchat: jademccannx- see you there!

Anywho, today I’m back with something refreshing! A company named Beauty Belle, based in Co.Down, Ireland, has sent me some face masks to try for you (which I have) and I am here with a full review of both products! I did a full step-by-step review over on my Snapchat so if you’re reading this post within 24 hours of posting, you can catch that still! But if not, I’ll have a nice run down here so you’re not missing anything!

The products sent to me were:

  1.  A product by Beauty Pro: Nourishing Collagen Mask with Olive Extract. An anti-aging formula, suitable for all skin types. Aims to deeply nourish dehydrated thirsty skin, regenerate skin cells while protecting the skin & diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. A product by Timeless Truth: Collagen Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask. Aims to reduce fine lines. Active ingredients aids the reduction of wrinkles and puffiness around the eye area. Minimise skin irritation, leaving the skin moisturised and with increased elasticity.

So starting off with the first product mentioned:

Beauty Pro: Nourishing Collagen Mask with Olive Extract.

This product is a cloth mask that you place over your face, rather than work into the skin or leave to dry. The instructions ask you to leave this product on your face for 15-20 minutes. Overall, I actually did really enjoy the product and I did think it worked quite well. There were one or two things that I questioned, though. So, I will do a little pros & cons list.


  • Skin does feel super hydrated after. My skin felt fairly rough because I’ve been so busy I have not been showing it that TLC so it definitely needed a good bit of hydration and I did find that I got that.
  • It felt refreshing on my skin, it kept cool and it was extremely relaxing. It held a nice experience.
  • This product smells nice. I think that is so important and sometimes a mask can be quite effective but smell absolutely disgusting. A+ on the scent.
  • It is cruelty free- which you guys know is very important to me! I was delighted to see that it had the little ‘cruelty-free’ bunny on the front. For me, buying a product that is certified just creates good vibes all around!


  • I totally get that this was a hydration mask but I found it to be a bit slimy. It was pretty hard to stick down and kept slipping off my face. This could have been because I was sitting up (more than likely) but I feel that should be catered for in the design of a product like this.
  • After use, you’re supposed to just take the mask off and rub the excess into your skin. I did this and found that my skin was quite sticky. I don’t really mind that but I can understand how it would be an issue for some people.

All that said, I did enjoy the product and my skin was rejuvenated afterward. The company provided great customer service which is a fabulous plus and probably the most crucial thing to a retail experience. I would rate this product 7/10. For me, marks were lost on the stickiness afterward and the sliminess of the hydration serum. That being said, these are personal preferences and may not bother the next person.

Now, on to the second product: 

Timeless Truth: Collagen Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask.

To be honest, I actually favoured this product. Mainly because I just don’t really cope with sogginess & stickiness well. Alternatively, I found this to be a really neat, tidy, effective product and it did exactly what it said on the packet. So much so that I did not feel a need to even write a pros & cons list.

Once the packet was opened, there was a plastic sheet inside with little under-eye patches soaking in hydration serum (but not too much!). All there was to do was literally take a strip and pop it under my eye. There was no excess product dripping down my face, it felt really refreshing on this skin and I had absolutely no redness or irritation during or afterward. The instructions ask that you leave this product on for fifteen minutes, which was great timing as I had the other mask on for that length of time, too! I found it to be quite a subtle product but felt that the results were really clear- my skin did look hydrated, my fine lines had decreased and there was not as much redness around my eyes as there had been before the application. I would rate this product 10/10. It’s not messy, it’s simple and easy to use. I found the results were excellent and I personally preferred the eye mask over the face mask.

Disclaimer: I received these products from an establishment I came across on Instagram named Beauty Belle (@beautybelleeire). This is a page based in Co. Down, Ireland and is run by somebody called Michael Quinn. I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own.

If you are interested in finding more about these products you can contact them here:

Tel: 028 30848986/ 07989 614382

Web: http://www.beautybelle.ie

Email: hello@beautybelle.ie

That’s it for today! Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this review- if you did, please like & share this post. Don’t forget to tag any of your friends that might be interested in products like this. If you have used these products and would like to add anything or critique further, please comment below! And lastly, if you’ve any questions about anything I’ve said in this post, do not hesitate to contact me on any of my social media links below!

Until next time,

Jay x 

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Are you a major coffee lover? I have sourced just the thing for you!

Hello there little duckies,

Before I start, let me wish y’all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here in Ireland, it is majorly celebrated and I hope every one of you have a lovely time on March 17th. Send me your Paddy’s Day snaps over on ‘jademccannx’ and let me know what you all got up to! 


Anyway, I am back today with a blog post that is sort of random. So as you guys know, I work in a cute little cafe as a barista and I am such a coffee fanatic. I literally live off and for the stuff. And if you are anything like me, instant coffee just will not do the job for ya. I have tried all blends of instant and at one stage they probably would have given me energy or fulfilled my pallet- but not anymore. So, I spend my days travelling from coffee shop to coffee shop, trying new blends 3-4euro at a time. Well, at least I did…

I have priced coffee machines before and they are generally just too expensive. Estimating between 200-5,000 euro, I always had my heart set on the full thing: not just a pod machine- but one with a steamer and grinder included. Eventually I realised that that was an incredibly ambitious goal considering some weeks, I don’t make rent. So when I was doing my shopping in ALDI and noticed they had a Nespresso machine for only 60euro, I almost cried. And obviously, I bought it.

I decided to drop my previous idea that I could currently afford a full coffee machine that I’d find in work or any other cafe for my house and realised that as long as I had a decent double shot in me, I could live happily ever after. I’m so excited about the purchase and I actually can’t keep it to myself!

So a little run down of this beautiful, affordable Nespresso machine:

  • It is an Ambient electric coffee capsule machine. This basically means that you use little pods to give you your coffee. Another great mention at this point is that Aldi do a beautiful range of Nespresso pods that are absolutely to die for. They also only cost 1.99euro for ten! Imagine how much ten coffees would cost you in Starbucks… ya feel me?
  • However, if you’d rather go and buy some Costa, Kenco or Starbucks capsules for this machine then you can. It is compatible with almost all Nespresso capsules.
  • Included in the box is one coffee machine (hooked up to a lead and plug) and an instruction manual.
  • With regards to the instruction manual, I really don’t think you’ll need it. Literally all you need to do is plug the machine in, lift the top door, pop your capsule in and press go. Simples.
  • There are two options on this machine: single shot or double shot. I’m a double shot kind of gal, myself. On that note, there is no steamer for your milk. There is no milk dispenser at all in this machine. There is no grinder as you don’t need one (ground coffee is in the pods).
  • Nespresso capsules are super easy to use. You don’t need to undo the packaging or take the coffee grinds out. Basically, the machine just pierces the packaging as it rinses the grinds. This saves such messing about.
  • This machine is compact and powerful.  It preheats in just 40 seconds and it’s powerful 20 bar system will extract maximum flavour from the capsules, so you can enjoy truly authentic-tasting coffee.
  • It also has a detachable drip tray. The drip tray is what you rest your cup on as your espresso pours so if you miss the cup or whatever, it falls onto a tray and saves spilling. Cleaning this coffee machine is super easy because of the drip tray- ya just pop it off and rinse it!
  • Last but not least, it actually looks so nice. It doesn’t look tacky or cheap and it definitely doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. It’s pretty small and would fit anywhere in a kitchen. I’ve decided to pop it beside my kettle!

The only kind of annoying thing about this machine is that if you want an Americano, you have to boil the kettle (that’s why it’s beside my kettle). It doesn’t produce extra hot water for your coffee- it literally just produces the double or single espresso. And forget about milky coffees cos this ain’t got no steamer.

However, I’ve been using this machine for a few days and I have to say it is doing the trick. Forget instant coffee. Forget spending 3-4euro a pop in Starbucks. This machine literally takes two minutes to produce a coffee that is equally as beautiful for (if you add it all up and divide it) a hell of a lot cheaper than what you’d usually pay. And did I mention that I love it?

I’ve decided to share this with you guys because I just thought it was such an amazing find. Also, Aldi do great deals on a weekly basis that totally help students and people on a budget out. If you lead a busy lifestyle like me or just absolutely adore coffee, this machine is a fabulous deal and definitely deserves to be considered.

If any of you have any comments or questions, please do not be afraid to comment below. Oh & just incase you would like to source this product further, you can find it at this link: Click Here

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  • NB: This blog post was not sponsored, I genuinely just found a product that I wanted to share with you guys.